Cauliflower Boris


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30mm Plug Plants
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  • Suitable for planting in sunny locations
  • GREEN foliage colour

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Product Description

Cauliflower 'Boris' has incredibly strong roots and vigorous growth habit. A winner of the RHS Award of Garden Merit, this hardy vegetable can withstand all kinds of weather conditions, making it the perfect addition to your allotment or garden's veggie patch. Boris thrives in many soil types and produces good sized pure white curds, a perfect variety for your dinner favourites. Grows to an average height of 45cm and 60cm wide.

Plant Size

Mature Height 45 cm
Mature Spread 60 cm
Plant Spacing 60 cm
Annual Growth 45 cm

Planting Notes

Soil Type Fertile, well drained soil

Growing at a glance…

Our Cauliflower plants come provided as 3cm plug plants, brilliant for easy planting. Plant outdoors in mid-spring. Position in full sun or partial shade and in soil that is well-drained and extremely fertile. Add manure to the compost before planting to ensure it can thrive fully. Plant your cauliflowers 25cm apart from each other to ensure they have enough room to grow. Cover with netting once planted to help protect against pests like slugs and birds. Harvest in June to October.

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