Cornus Anny's Winter Orange

Dogwood 'Anny's Winter Orange'


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  • Suitable for planting in sunny and partially shaded locations
  • Suitable for growing in pots and containers
  • Summer flowering time
  • Orange foliage colour
  • White flowering Colour

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Product Description

Cornus Anny's Winter Orange is a deciduous shrub that can grow up to 2 metres tall. Lovely for winter colour, as they produce orange-red stems and leaves. This stunning variety looks amazing when planted in groups besides water or in a winter border amongst other varieties of dogwood.

Plant Size

Mature Height 200 cm
Mature Spread 200 cm
Plant Spacing 50 cm

Planting Notes

Planting Plant in a hole same depth as the container
Soil Type Fertile, well drained, humus rich soil

Growing at a glance…

The cornus (dogwood) is an amazing and unique addition to any garden display, as it will produce wonderfully colourful shoots in winter. Will thrive in full sun or partial shade, and require little pruning, though you can prune back in mid-spring to help keep a comfortable shape. Make sure they get plenty of water in the dry season. Suitable for planting in most types of soil, and if you have the space then we recommend that you plant in groups of three for an even spread.

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