Allium Bulbs

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Trendy Alliums are a fashionable addition to the modern garden, flowering from late spring through to summer, a superb way of extending the traditional bulb season from spring into summer. Carefully selected from the best-quality bulb suppliers in Europe, all our Allium bulbs are packed into breathable bags with airholes to ensure they arrive with you fresh and in great condition. When supply Allium bulbs we aim to select the best size possible for each variety, and these range from smaller sized bulbs such as 4/5cm for small-headed varieties, right through to giant headed Alliums which have massive bulbs up to 20cm+. Available to order online from July through to December.

4/5cm circumference bulbs - Our first-sized bulbs, ideal for varieties which have small flower heads and generally with a smaller growing habit, such as Allium Azureum, Allium Sphaerocephalon and Allium Moly.

6/8cm circumference bulbs - A great bulb choice when planting in larger groups within a border or patio container, creating a sea of colour. A reliable and inexpensive bulb-size that is our preferred choice for border varieties such as Allium Graceful Beauty.

10/12cm circumference bulbs - This our most popular bulb size for Alliums, producing larger sized flowers than 4/5cm or 6/8cm bulbs and ideal when you are looking for an effective balance between larger flower size, quantity and value for money. Great for planting in groups, the perfect choice for varieties such as ‘Christiophii’, ‘Violet Beauty’, ‘multibulbosum’ and the RHS Award Winning 'Purple Sensation.’

Giant 18/20cm+ circumference bulbs - These are the largest sized bulb we supply, ranging from 18cm+ to 20cm+, chosen for their giant-sized flower heads and strongest stems. A more expensive bulb, but ideal when you are looking for the largest flowers possible and acting as a focal point in the border display.

Allium bulbs are easy to grow and care for, a superb bulb for gardeners of all skill level. Plant on arrival in freshly prepared soil, adding some organic matter (such as potting compost) to the soil before planting. Dig your hole approximately 3-4 times the height of the bulb and place the bulbs in. Cover firmly with fresh soil and water well. Keep soil moist during dry conditions. If bulbs are left undisturbed then they will provide years of joy.