Indoor Amaryllis Bulbs

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Loved by beginners and experts alike because of their superb flowering potential with minimal effort required! Hippeastrum or Amaryllis bulbs are very easy to plant and will flower indoors during the winter months, producing spectacular showy flowers in a huge range of colours and shapes. Indoor flowering Amaryllis make excellent pot plants for indoors and are available in two different bulb sizes :

Standard 26cm+ circumference bulbs : Our first sized Amaryllis bulb, producing excellent quality blooms, with each bulb producing two stems. A great value-for-money bulb size, similar to the size sold on the high street in much more expensive exhibition boxes.

Giant 34cm+ circumference bulbs : A bulb for show-stopping results, these massive 34cm circumference bulbs will produce giant sized flowers, with each bulb producing two, often three stems. We recommend this bulb size if you would like the largest sized flowers, ideal for making a wonderful statement indoors, which can be in flower as early as Christmas.

Available to order from July through to January, with delivery starting from August onwards, depending on variety chosen.

Amaryllis bulbs are the ultimate indoor-flowering bulb, easy to grow but producing a level of excitement during the winter months that is difficult to replicate.

On arrival fill a large container approximately half full with a balanced compost. Ensure the container you are using has plenty of holes for flow of air and watering purposes. Place the bulb firmly into the soil, and cover the bulb approximately half-way up only, as illustrated above. Firm in the soil around the bulb and you are ready to go.

Place the container in a warm area indoors, with plenty of access to light. Water sparingly until the first sight of growth begins, then ensure the soil is not allowed to dry out. Taller varieties may require some gently staking, but you are now ready to sit back and marvel at the large, majestic flowers as they will sparkle into flower as early as Christmas if planting early to mid season. It is as easy as 1, 2, 3!