Bulbs supplied in-the-green

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Our range of bulbs supplied in the green, are carefully lifted once they have started to flower in spring and then sent to you with their green foliage intact. A great way of guaranteeing 100% success, on arrival you can replant them into their final location, leave the foliage to die back and you will then have a bumper display the following year.

A great, cost-effective way of adding colour in drifts within borders, delivery for Snowdrops and Aconites in the green is from January through to March, with Bluebells delivered from April.

Delivery times can vary, depending on climatic conditions, however as a general rule Snowdrops in the Green are supplied from late January throughout February, while Aconites and Bluebells are delivered later on, usually from April onwards.

Probably one of the easiest bulbs to grow, we lift these bulbs with their foliage intact, so all you will need to do is replant them on arrival. While suitable for most types of soil, Snowdrops and Bluebells really do prosper efficiently when they are planted in well-drained and fertile soil. Ensure that the soil is not allowed to dry out, then sit back and enjoy the 100% success of these bulbs year after year.

A wonderful additional to the front of a border or rocker, Bulbs in the green are great naturalising bulbs so plant where you can enjoy them as a carpet of colour in spring. A spectacular way to introduce some traditional charm and elegance to the British garden.