Daffodil and Narcissi Bulbs

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Daffodils and Narcissi are a traditional, classic and impossible to ignore spring flowering plant grown from bulbs, perfect for producing a stunning show from March through to May, depending on variety. Here at J.Parkerís we have been working very closely for many years to supply only top-quality bulbs to our customers, carefully cultivated and lifted in autumn at the correct time for planting.

We supply Daffodil and Narcissi bulbs in one of three sizes, detailed below depending on the variety available, with delivery from the middle of August through to December each year. All bulbs regardless of actual bulb size are delivered to you carefully packed breathable bags, ensuring that they will arrive with you fresh and ready to plant on their arrival.

8/10cm circumference bulbs The smallest size of Daffodils and Narcissi that we supply, they are the ideal choice for growing in larger groups within the garden at superb value-for-money prices. This bulb size is popular among dwarf botanical or miniature varieties, where they grow a little smaller in height and bulbs are usually a little smaller for this reason.

10/12cm circumference bulbs Our standard 10/12cm are extremely reliable, producing excellent results in the UK that make these a great choice for pots, containers and borders alike. Flower size will be a little larger than 8/10cm bulbs that are often available for dwarf or miniature varieties, making 10/12cm bulbs the perfect choice for Fragrant Jonquilla, multi-headed Triandrus and traditional multi-purpose varieties.

Premium 12/14cm circumference bulbs This is our premium and most popular sized bulb, producing the largest sized flower-heads of any bulb size we supply. A little more expensive than smaller bulb sizes, they produce show-stopping results that more than makes up for this. When growing stylish varieties such as Butterfly, Cupped, Double or Trumpet Daffodils and Narcissi we would recommend going for 12/14cm where available, for the ultimate display.

Plant at least 10cm deep in the autumn. Space as desired or plant in clumps for a cluster display. Daffodils prefer a spot well sheltered from the wind, preferably with plenty of access to sun.

Daffodil and Narcissi bulbs are best planted in well drained, fertile soil. Keep soil moist during the growing season and allow the leaves to die back naturally before deadheading. They can be lifted and moved once the foliage has died off, or they can be left to naturalise when planted in grass or under trees, where they can be left undisturbed for years.