Fritillaria bulbs

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If you like adding something a little different to your display in spring, then Fritillaria is the perfect bulb for you. Supplied in top-quality bulbs, across a range of different sizes, they excel in the modern British garden. Grown for the wonderfully drooping bell-shaped flowers, Fritillaria represent excellent value for money while also adding a level of interest and attention like few other spring bulbs.

You can order Fritillaria bulbs from June through to December, with delivery starting from August onwards each year, depending upon variety.

Best-selling 5-8cm circumference bulbs - The smallest size that we supply, they are an excellent choice for planting in larger groups in the border for a larger display. The ideal bulb size for smaller flowering, compact varieties such as ‘Uva-vulpis’, ‘melagris’ and the perfectly two-toned ‘Michailovski’.

Giant 18/20cm+ circumference bulbs - These giant Fritillaria bulbs are chosen for taller, large-flowering varieties such as ‘Persica’, ‘Crown Imperial’ and the rare and unusual ‘imperialis Aureomarginata’. These designer Fritillaria will grow to 100cm+ and the larger bulb-size helps project these varieties into a true, designer border impact plant.

Fritillaria are a stunning accompaniment to any garden display, with their elegant drooping bell-shaped flowers that are particularly effective when grown in groups, as well as being versatile enough to add charm to rockeries, borders, flowers beds or even on the patio in pots. Our extensive range of Fritillaria includes smaller varieties such as Fritillaria Meleagris, which produce a mixture of white and purple flowers, and taller varieties such as Fritillaria 'Imperialis' and many bi-colour favourites such as Fritillaria 'Uva-Vulpis' and 'Michailovski'.

Our beautiful Fritillaria bulbs flower between April and May in the spring, and our bulb sizes vary between 5cm up to 24cm, with certain varieties growing up to 120cm. They can be planted at 8-10cm deep and 10-15cm apart in well drained/light and moist soil. They can be planted in areas with full sun access or preferably with partial shade, and can be left to naturalise in grass, borders or even cold greenhouses. Fritillaria are very hardy and are an excellent choice for border displays, rockeries or for woodland areas, where their elegant drooping bell-shaped flowers are likely to add that little something different to your garden.