Jumbo Plugs Supplied

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Many of our summer bedding and basket plants are supplied as UK-grown jumbo plugs, grown in dedicated nurseries throughout the UK. Where this is the case, you will receive our quality jumbo plugs which are between 7 and 11cm from base to tip, ready for planting straight into baskets, borders and pots.

Unlike much smaller postman handy plugs which are grown in strips and slim enough to fit through the letter box, our hardy jumbo plugs are 3cm in diameter, bursting with healthy roots They are fresh from the nursery and bursting with vigour. They will arrive with you within robust blister packs and each pack ordered will be delivered individually at the most ideal time for planting, ensuring that you get your plants at the right time of the season for planting.

We also supply a second size of these popular plugs, our Jumbo+ size 4cm diameter plugs are similar to the jumbo plugs however we have chosen to grow these plants in 1cm wider plugs as we know these varieties appreciate that little more room for their roots and foliage. These beauties measure between 7-12cm in height.

Please see individual varieties for planting tips and instructions. For popular trailing basket varieties we recommend you plant three or four within an average 30cm basket or pot, and place outside from early May. If the weather is cool on arrival, you can pot on for 2/3 weeks before transplanting in to a basket outside to avoid any late spring cold snaps or frosts.