Jumbo Plugs Supplied

We are delighted to work very closely with a number of UK-based nurseries, allowing us to offer a vast range of summer-flowering bedding, basket and patio plants for the modern gardener. Also known as our Jumbo plug plants, this range is delivered direct to your door from April through to early June, fresh from the nursery to provide you with the best possible results.

- Supplied as 3cm or 4cm diameter plug plants, bursting with vigour and a healthy root system.

- On arrival they will be approximately between 8 to 12cm in height from base to tip, depending on variety.

- All UK-grown and delivered to you freshly packed into robust blister packs to ensure they stay safe in transit.

- Best-value summer bedding and basket range, great for saving money but not compromising on quality.

- Ready to be transferred into pots on arrival, then into borders if required once the roots have become established.

Available to order from December through to June, with delivery made from late March through to early June, depending on variety, when the plants are ready for re-potting and re-planting.

Please see individual varieties for extra planting tips, but we recommend you plant 3 or 4 in an average 30cm basket or pot and put outside from early May. If the weather is cool on arrival, pot on for 2/3 weeks before transplanting in to a basket outside.