Lily Bulbs

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A traditional, elegant and classic choice for the summer garden, Lilies are supplied as quality bulbs to ensure you get the best possible results from your efforts. We supply various bulb sizes, measured in circumference of the actual bulb, making the process of selecting the correct bulb size easy to follow. Bulb size will vary depending on the type or variety on offer, with larger bulbs in general the best option when you need larger flowers and stems, for example on giant Trumpet of Goliath Lilies. Lilies can be ordered all year around, with delivery from October through to May, the optimum time for planting.

14/16cm circumference bulbs - A great value-for-money option, reliable and guaranteed to flower in the UK, producing a wonderful display of colourful, dependable blooms. Chosen for dwarf varieties such as miniature Asiatic, Pot Lilies and Oriental Lilies. Great for planting in larger groups in borders, pots and containers.

16/18cm circumference bulbs - A great option for Lilies which produce larger flowers, in particular, Trumpet or Martagon Lilies, where you require heavier flower sizes to make a bolder statement.

18/20cm circumference bulbs - Our largest exhibition sized bulbs for giant trumpet and giant Lilies. When you need the largest flower sizes, then this is the bulb for you. Although expensive, some luxurious varieties such as Lily Regale (The Regal Lily), Golden Splendour and Lily Honeymoon will benefit from the extra size.

When planting, each bulb should be surrounded with a little sharp sand both under and above the bulb to keep slugs away and to ward off excessive wetness. As most liliums are stem rooting we strongly recommend you plant at 15cm deep. They give a much better display when planted in clumps of 3, 6 or 12 bulbs (45cm apart). Planting time is October through to April.

Lilium bulbs will greatly appreciate the shelter of low growing shrubs or other plants near their roots. In active growth, apply water freely and it is advised that every two weeks you apply a high potash liquid fertilizer.