Miscellaneous Summer Bulbs

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Here at J. Parkerís, we always state and supply premium flowering sized bulbs to give you the best possible results. Most bulb sizes are measured by the bulb circumference or the grade quality. We always supply premium sized or top graded bulbs and tubers.

The Duiker-Parker family have been associated with growing or selling bulbs for over 200 years, so quality is always guaranteed. Bulbs/Tubers are counted into breathable bags and carefully packed to be delivered to you.

Illustrated above: A. Begonia, B. Zantedeschia, C. Nerine, D. Freesia, E. Dahlia, F. Gladioli, G. Amaryllis and H. Ranunculus. These are examples of what these varieties may be supplied as, but the size supplied may differ between particular items, for more information please see individual products.

Most varieties will prefer well drained, fertile soil in a spot with full sun or partial shade. Different varieties and species can require very different growing conditions, they will prefer different positions in the garden and different depths in the soil. For example, Begonias can be planted quite shallow whereas we recommend a greater soil depth for Tulips. You can plant your bulbs, corms or tubers either in the border or if you want to add some colour to the patio, some varieties are suitable for containers.

For all varieties, make sure you find the top of the bulb and face upwards. For many varieties such as Tulips or Daffodils this will be easier as the bottom will be wider and broad and the tip will be pointed and narrow. Varieties such as Begonias have significantly fatter bulbs, the top for these is the slightly curved indented side, plant with this side facing upwards. For more planting information, please see individual varieties for more tailored advice.