Pot-grown Plants and Shrubs

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From across our extensive range of hardy perennial plants and shrubs, many of our varieties are supplied as pot-grown plants. This range of plants are established and ready to be planted on arrival into their final position in your garden. Please note most deciduous varieties will arrive without foliage in winter and early spring, which is normal, with re-growth coming back once planted out again.

How we measure and display pot sizes -Only top-quality plants are supplied, and each pot-grown plant will advise prior to ordering the pot size in which they are supplied. We measure our pot sizes in one of two-ways, diameter of pot in cm and volume in Litre, detailed below for ease of comparison. Also include in the images, above we have highlighted the difference visually to ensure you can clearly see the different pot sizes.

7cm diameter pot plants - approximately 0.25 Litre in volume.

9cm diameter pot plants -approximately 0.5 Litre in volume.

12cm/13cm diameter pot plants -approximately 1 Litre in volume.

15cm diameter pot plants - approximately 1.5 Litre in volume.

17cm diameter pot plants - approximately 2 Litre in volume.

19cm diameter pot plants -approximately 3 Litre in volume

Our potted plants are sent out at a size ready to be planted in their final position. This means you can plant your item straight into the ground. Please see individual varieties for more information, as this can vary, but in many cases we recommend you plant in fairly fertile soil in areas with sun or partial shade and ensure that there is plenty of drainage available.