Seed Potatoes

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Why not grow your own Potatoes for that rewarding and healthy, organic taste. Potatoes are a very easy to crop to succeed with and represent a perfect choice for gardeners of all skill, even beginners. Supplied as top-quality UK Certified 35-55mm grade seed Potatoes in bags of 20/60, delivered direct to your door. Each bag of 20 seed Potatoes is approximately 1.3-1.7kg in weight, however smaller salad varieties often weigh a little less because of their smaller size (approximately 1-1.3kg).

Our range includes varieties within all crops, from Salad Potatoes, First-early, Second-early and Main cropping favourites such as Desiree and Maris Piper. They can be grown where space is limited by using them in specially produced hard-wearing Potato sacks.

Available to order from December, with delivery from January through to March each year. Have a try now and we are certain you will the feeling of growing your own spuds!

Unpack immediately on arrival. Set them out rose end (where the shoots occur) uppermost in egg boxes or something similar. Keep them in a light (not sunny) frost free room and allow the shoots to develop. Once the shoots reach approx. 3 cm tall (should be after 5-6 weeks), the potatoes are ready for planting. Plant at approx 12cm deep and 30cm apart from late March.

Also suitable for growing in Potato Sacks/Bags. To grow in sacks, fill the sack with damp compost up to a third of the sack. Place seed potatoes on top and then cover with compost to half way. As plants begin to grow add more compost around them to fill up the potato sack. For a bumper pack, water when the plants flower (this is when the tubers begin to form) and feed as per instructions.