Tulip Bulbs

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Here at J. Parker's, we always state and supply premium flowering sized bulbs to give you the best possible results. Most bulb sizes are measured by the bulb circumference or the grade quality. We always supply premium sized or top graded bulbs and tubers. The Duiker-Parker family have been associated with growing or selling bulbs for over 200 years, so quality is always guaranteed. All our Tulips are supplied as only the best quality, carefully grown and lifted by our suppliers only when they are ready to be transported. We then pack all varieties into breathable bag, ready to be delivered direct to your door for you to replant into their final location, whether that be borders, rockeries, containers or baskets.Tulip bulbs will be available to order online from June through to December each year.

We supply Tulips in one of three sizes, depending on the variety. Each product page online will provide full information on how each variety, mixture or collection is supplied.

6/8cm circumference bulbs - The standard choice for dwarf botanical Tulip varieties such as Greigii and Kaufmanniana. They are great for planting in larger groups within borders or containers, where they combine together wonderfully to create a dwarf-growing effect, especially at the front of the border where they can naturalise year-on-year.

First size 10/11cm circumference bulbs - Supplied as top-quality 10/11cm bulbs, they will flower and perform exactly as expected here in here in the UK. They are ideal for planting in larger groups for an instant impact.

Top-size 11/12cm circumference bulbs - Our premium and largest sized bulbs in our Tulip range, producing the same reliable results as our 10/11cm bulbs, but are the ideal choice for when you wish to have flowers that are a little larger in size. A great way of creating a larger display in border in particular, where they will blend perfectly with other panting partners such as Daffodils, Narcissi, Alliums and even as aback-drop to Bluebells.

On arrival we recommend planting Tulip bulbs in well-dug soil, at approximately 8-10cm deep and roughly 15cm apart. It is often beneficial to use a little bonemeal or super phosphate mixed in with the soil on plating, to help enrich the soil for optimum results.

Tulips excel when planting in sunny or partially shaded locations, so choose a place in the border, rockery or patio where they will get as much access to sunlight as possible. After they have finished flowering, and when leaves begin to fade/turn brown, the bulbs can then be lifted, dried, cleaned and stored in a cool place until planting time again next season. Tulips should not be grown in the same soil for several years, so replace with fresh soil every other year.