Hydrangea Paniculata Collection Loose Roots


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First grade loose roots
Delivery within 28 days
  • Suitable for planting in sunny and partially shaded locations
  • Suitable for growing in pots and containers
  • Excellent for cut flowers
  • Attracts butterflies
  • Summer flowering time
  • GREEN foliage colour
  • MIXED flowering Colour

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Product Description

Our Hydrangea Paniculata Collection is perfect for growing a thriving seasonal display in a large border. They can also be grown in large containers. This collection includes one each of Pink Lady, Silver Dollar and Phantom. Loose roots supplied.

Plant Size

Mature Height 150 cm
Mature Spread 250 cm
Plant Spacing 250 cm

Planting Notes

Planting Remove from the pot and plant in a hole the same depth as the container, with extra room on both sides for the roots to develop/expand.
Soil Type Well drained/light, fertile soil

Growing at a glance…

Hydrangea's have become a modern classic, ideal for making a statement of intent in the garden and they are great for acting as the backdrop to a colourful border or patio display. Their long-life flowers and versatility make then suitable for any garden of any size.Hydrangeas can be grown in fertile, well drained soil and often prefer a shady location. It is also worth thinking about how much exposure the area you wish to plant them in will have towards strong winds, as they can often limit new growth in spring. Make sure that the hydrangea receives lots of water when the summer comes. Hydrangeas are very low maintenance and will need little pruning, but can be done in spring as new shoots appear. The old shoots should be left in the winter and not until spring. Apply a mulch annually to protect from winter colds.

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