August can bring some great weather, but it can also cause some difficult issues for your plants. There really is no excuse not to get out in the garden, and we have plenty of jobs for you!
General Maintenance
General pruning of fast growing shrubs and climbers such as Wisteria and Pyracantha will keep your garden tidy. Once flowered, Hebes and Lavenders can also do with a very minimal prune. All Conifer hedging, Box, Pyracantha, and Laurel hedging usually need some attention. Now is the perfect time to prune and shape evergreen hedges as they'll not experience much growth before the autumn months.
Clearing out fallen leaves and debris is an important job as it will reduce the available nutrients for algae and therefore reduce their growth. If you have a pond, you might want to pay particular attention to it this month. Pond weed can get out of hand during August, so a regular clearing of debris and harvest of excess weed is essential for pond health.

Manage the Border
Many early and midsummer border perennials that are past their best need cutting back. This will make your border look tidier. Dead head dahlias to encourage autumn blooms and dead head border roses to encourage autumn hips. Taking up deadheading on a daily basis whilst completing other tasks will keep you on top of everything.
Water well
Summer is leaving us shortly but August can bring some hot, dry weather and water is still an important part of your garden routine. Water deeper for greater efficiency and make sure new growth takes priority. Any plants looking stressed after dry weather should be thoroughly soaked.
We may not be short of rainwater up here, but it always helps to conserve where possible. Mulch plants to keep moisture in and try and use recycled rain water for a more environmentally friendly gardening approach. You can collect any rain water we do have in containers or buckets - or if you want to be particularly committed, you can install a water butt which will collect and keep a large amount of rainwater and can come with connection to your guttering and convenient taps. Watch out for algae growth and fit a mesh lid to save any debris which can cause this, as well as preventing small animals from falling in!
Lawn Care
The next few weeks are a key time for lawn care. As well as the weekly mow, fungi and mushrooms require brushing off, whilst moss and thatch require a hard rake to see them off. Lawn weeds are usually prominent and need pulling or treating. Bare patches require re-sowing as September is great for grass seed germination. Apply autumn lawn feed through September to really give it a boost for next year. Laying new turf is also ideally suited to September but be careful when preparing your ground and take care in choosing a reputable turf supplier.

Last Chance
August might be your last chance of a dry spell before the return of wet autumn weather. Now is a great time to give your garden fences or shed a fresh lick of paint. This will help keep your garden looking good through the coming months amidst all those soggy leaves. Make the most of the last of the summer weather and try to tick off as much from your to do list as possible.