NHS Green Garden Giveaway

To thank all of our amazing NHS staff, who have been working tirelessly this year in the fight against coronavirus, we want to give something back. All throughout September, we’re hosting our NHS Green Garden Giveaway!

We want you to nominate your local NHS hospital and we will donate £50 worth of plants/bulbs to 3 hospitals to help add a dose of natural beauty to staff and patient gardens.

We also want you to nominate a NHS worker friend/family member and we will give 3 NHS workers a £30 voucher to spend in our online shop!

Here’s how to join in:

  • Nominate your local hospital (please include name and address)
  • Nominate an NHS worker family member or friend
  • Share your nominations in a post on social media or email your entries


To enter our NHS Green Garden Giveaway, send your nominations via our social media channels:

FACEBOOK – Nominate your local hospital & NHS worker.

TWITTER – Nominate your local hospital & NHS worker with #nhsgardengiveaway

INSTAGRAM – Nominate your local hospital & NHS worker with #nhsgardengiveaway

Or EMAIL us at competition@jparkers.co.uk (Images must be under 5mb – please include the hospital name and address)


Terms and Conditions:

  • Send your nominations to us by email at competition@jparkers.co.uk or share them with us on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.
  • All NHS Green Garden nominations must be sent in before midnight on September 30th 2020.
  • In entering the competition, you agree to allow us to use your image entries in further promotions, on social media.
  • Entrants agree that their names may or may not be published with their entry. No other details will be shared with any third parties.
  • The winning entries will be chosen at random as to not show any bias.

What to do in the Garden in September

September has arrived and the evenings are starting to get darker and cooler, so what can you do in the garden this month? From planting bulbs to harvesting tasty produce, here are our top activities to look forward to in the garden this September.

Divide perennials

Divide perennials to maintain healthy growth and grow even more plants. Simply lift them out with a garden fork, pull the plant apart gently, and then replant the new clumps.

Plant shrubs and trees

Autumn is a great time to plant evergreen shrubs and trees, whilst the soil is still moist and warm and the plants can get used to their new position before winter hits.

Start harvesting apples

With crops reaching their peak in September, early harvest apples will become ready for picking. Simply pick an apple, give the stem a twist, and if the stem comes away easily, it’s ready for eating!

Snip flowers and foliage

Late summer blooms will still be looking luscious, and are perfect for adding colour into the home. Cut Dahlia, Aster, and Crocosmia flowers and pair alongside Pyracantha berries for a beautiful display!

Get ready for bulb planting

The end of September celebrates the start of bulb planting season, so order your early spring flowering favourites that you can begin planting in September.