What to Plant in February

Spring isn’t far away and there are many bulbs and plants that you can start to plant in February. From early spring-flowering beauties to getting a head start on planting your favourite summer bulbs, if you’re keen to get planting, here are our top February planting picks.

Bulbs in the green

Bulbs in the green are active-growing bulbs which arrive with fresh foliage on the bulb. These little plants are quick and easy to grow, and are the perfect way to grow snowdrops and aconites with a 100% success rate. Plant in February for late winter/early spring blooms.


Bold and beautiful, plant lily bulbs in pots, or straight into the ground, from early autumn to mid spring. With so many varieties on the market, dwarf and Asiatic lilies are perfect for beds and low-growing borders, whereas Goliath OT lilies are ideal for the back of the border.

Bare root roses

Unsurpassed in beauty and fragrance, roses are a key element of the summer garden. The best time to plant bare rooted plants is whilst they are dormant in the winter time, which is why February is the perfect time to get planting bare root roses.


Give your garden structure and interest with shrubs. Since they can be planted anytime between autumn and mid-spring, shrubs are one of the easiest plants to grow. If you plant while the weather is cooler, it makes the job easier, giving the plants that much longer to get established before the summer heat hits.

Fruit trees

Eating homegrown fruits plucked right off your own fruit trees is terrific. Along with bare rooted plants, fruit trees should be planted in their dormant season. This usually means between November and the end of February.

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New Year, New Garden Giveaway Winners

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When to Plant Bulbs in the Green

‘In the Green’ Bulbs are growing plants that are lifted in late winter/spring when the bulb is actively growing, in flower or after flowering, when they are beginning to die back. These plants are easy to grow, quick to establish and are an extremely useful way to inject flowers quickly into bare spots in your winter garden. Learn when to plant some of your favourite spring-flowering bulbs with our planting tips.

When to plant them

Flowering from January through to March, ‘In the green’ bulbs, such as winter aconites and snowdrops, should be planted while they have leaves in early spring, rather than as dormant bulbs in the autumn.

How to plant them

When your plants arrive, tease them apart taking care not to damage the roots. Plant at the level at which the leaves change colour (approx. 8-10cm deep). Fill soil around the bulbs, compacting lightly. Water immediately.

Our favourite varieties

Discover some of our favourite ‘green’ bulbs for planting in the garden this spring.

Single Snowdrops
Double Snowdrops
Winter Aconites

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