Mind-Blowing Gardens In Art

Last Updated on 01/04/2021 by Amber Williams

The Monet Family in their garden, by Edouard Manet, 1874, French impressionist oil painting.

Art lovers everywhere will have their favourite pieces. Sometimes they’ll be from iconic painters, and sometimes they’ll be from underground artists.

Some of the most famous paintings ever created are of depictions of gardens. Pictured above is the painting created by Édouard Manet. As he reached the garden of Claude Monet, he found the scene so entrancing that he decided he must capture the moment.

Here are a few of our favourite famous paintings of gardens in art work that have been created throughout the last few centuries.

Vincent Van Gogh – Garden of the Asylum

Image by Fine Art Images via Gardens Illustrated

Garden of the Asylum is a popular piece from Van Gogh. It illustrates the garden of the clinic where he stayed for a year in Saint-Rémy. Van Gogh loved to use bold colour in his paintings to portray the world in the way he saw it. His pieces aimed to convey feeling and emotion, which you can see just looking at this particular piece.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir – Woman with a Parasol

Image by Bridgeman Images via Christies.com

Surrounded by beautiful blooms, Renoir felt inspired. ‘Woman with a Parasol’ is a timeless classic that reflects the studio’s gardens in which he worked. This impeccable impressionist piece gives off a peaceful emotion, which one can imagine he felt as he recreated the scene.

Paul Cézanne – The Garden at Les Lauves

Image by The Phillips Collection via theculturetrip

Completed in 1906, Cézanne’s cubist depiction of the Garden at Les Lauves is a perfect summary of his late work. Cézanne was infamous for becoming frustrated and dissatisfied with his work and would try again and again to create the perfect piece. The Garden at Les Lauves is a piece that heavily influenced cubism.

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