What to Do In the Garden In June

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Garden jobs to do in June

The sun is shining, our gardens are in bloom, and the weather channel is finally delivering good news! Let’s talk about garden jobs to do in June.

We’re finally seeing a glimpse of summer! This warm weather is the perfect encouragement for staying busy in the garden this month, too. Follow this quick and easy guide to help you write your monthly to-do list.

Keep on Top of Weeds

Weeding is a great garden job to do in June

The best way to tackle weed growth is consistency. Keep an eye out on pesky weeds growing around your beds, borders, and grassy areas throughout the month! The more you do it, the less you’ll see.

If you have a particularly bad bout of weed growth that’s really affecting your summer blooms, then you can create a natural, homemade pesticide by mixing equal parts of dish soap, salt and vinegar in a spray bottle and douse the weeds with the concoction. Be careful not to get it on any of your prized blooms though, as it is ruthless and acts to kill any plant it touches.

Plant Summer Bedding

Planting out summer bedding plants throughout June

An easier job for the month is to plant out your summer bedding annuals. Prep your desired area of the garden, whether it be your beds, borders or containers, and plant your bedding blooms around the garden.

Lift and Divide Clumps of Bulbs & Tubers

Lift and divide clumps of bulbs through June

If you’ve noticed any particularly large clumps of bulbs and tubers, then lift and divide these as and when you find them throughout the month. For example, if you’ve noticed a dwindle in your daffodil displays, it might be time to lift and separate the clumps!

Water Your Lawn

Other garden jobs to do in June includes watering your lawns

As the weather gets warmer, watering your lawn can save the grass from yellowing. This is an especially important job if your lawn is new and has been recently turfed.

More Garden Jobs to do in June

  • Remove blanket weed from ponds to allow more room for your fish and other wildlife
  • Keep your greenhouse doors and vents open to allow the plants to get some air
  • Check the soil of plants regularly and water if dry to touch
  • Bring out and display your hardened off hanging baskets
  • Mow your lawns when needed

How gardening has helped our wellbeing
Parker's book club: Gardening for Bumblebees

Parker’s Book Club: ‘Gardening for Bumblebees: A Practical Guide to Creating a paradise for pollinators’ by Dave Goulson

Last Updated on 01/06/2021 by Shannen Godwin

This month, as we enter the summer months, our book club theme is all about the importance of pollinators! As the summer flowers begin to bloom, this is a key time to take care of the pollinators coming to visit our gardens. To learn how to get your garden ready for these little visitors, check out this fantastically education new release by Dave Goulson.

Bumblebees are on the decline in the UK, yet they are responsible for ensuring that many of our fruit and vegetable crops give bountiful harvests. So now is the perfect time to learn how to provide everything a bumblebee need to feed and thrive in our gardens.

Throughout Dave Goulsons book, he provides an essential guide for all the best flowers and plants that attract pollinators, as well as useful tips and tricks for creating the perfect nesting sites.

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