What to Do In the Garden In August

Last Updated on 02/08/2021 by Amber Williams

Other than laying out in the sun, soaking up the rays throughout the season (when we do manage to get a bit of sun!)… What else in there to do in the garden this month?

As always, we’ve collated a quick list of easy garden jobs for August, helping you to create your own to-do lists and get stuff DONE.

Water, water, water!

Containers need more water and attention than bedding blooms due to their drainage. As the water can travel through the pots easily, it’s important to keep it nice and moist throughout the summer, especially in a heatwave! However, make sure you don’t over water so much that it ruins and destroys the bulbs.

To check if the soil is dry, touch the surface. If that’s dry, and a cm under the surface is also dry, give your container a good watering.

Deadhead spent flowers

Keeping your beds and container displays looking top-notch is a constant task. Deadhead any spent flowers to keep the display fresh and to mitigate any of the flowers from self-seeding.

Harvest your potatoes

Second early potatoes can now be harvested and used in recipes, and main crop potatoes can be harvested from mid-August! To harvest second early’s, wait until the flowers turn yellow or drop to remove the tubers. With main crop, wait for the foliage to turn yellow to dig up the tubers.

Take lots of pictures of your beautiful blooms and plants!

This time of year is guaranteed to provide a busy, bustling, and colourful display! Make sure you document all your garden successes, whether it be your favourite flowers or some tasty looking crops.

If you’ve snapped some pics that you want to share with us, tag us on Instagram and use the hashtag #myparkers to be featured on our socials!

More Garden Jobs for August

  • Leave your grass to do its thing – It’ll get plenty of rain in the autumn months!
  • Regularly fill your bird baths and bird feeders. They’ll be a wildlife sanctuary through the warm weather.
  • Trim your bushes and hedges for a clean-cut look.
  • Plan your garden for Spring 2022!

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