Creative Gardening: How-To Start Lasagne Planting

Last Updated on 22/04/2020 by Shannen Godwin

Planting layered spring bulbs, also known as lasagne planting or double decker pots, is a great way to get a fabulous spring display or a staggered display that lasts several months and keeps delivering colour to your patio.

You can do this with any spring flowering bulbs and really get creative with the combinations you choose. We selected some traditional favourites for our own display, with Triumph Tulips, Dwarf Narcissi Tete-a-Tete, Bedding Hyacinth Mixed and finally large flowering crocus mixed.

Getting a long lasting pot display really couldn’t be easier, and we’ve put together this guide along with a complete video tutorial from our expert Jeff Turner to show you exactly how to get the best from your spring patio displays.

All you need is a large pot, some crocks or grit for drainage, good multi-purpose compost and some quality J. Parker’s bulbs. Watch the video below to see how Jeff gets on;

The trick is to plant the larger, later flowering bulbs towards the bottom so that the small, early flowering varieties can flower first early in the season, and as they die off the next lot comes through to continue the display.

In this case we plant our Triumph Tulips first, as Tulips prefer to be planted that bit deeper. We’ve used Triumph Tulips for their tall, strong wind resistant stems and the fantastic variety of colour that goes into our Parker’s mixture.

Next add another layer of compost, and plant your next set. We’ve gone for Narcissi Tete-a-Tete, the most popular dwarf Daffodil known for its versatility and reliability. This will produce traditional golden trumpets on short stems.

The next layer was Hyacinth, specifically a bedding sized mixture for a strong display, and finally the top layer is large flowering Crocus Mixed. This will be the last planted and the first to flower, as these beautiful early spring bulbs will produce a carpet of low-growing colour.

Have you tried this at home? Let us know how you got on!

4 thoughts on “Creative Gardening: How-To Start Lasagne Planting”

  1. Did this last year and got some really brilliant displays from all your bulbs. However I will need to repeat this for next year. What do I do with the old bulbs? Tulips are useless the second year but what do I do with the narcissi ,hyacinth and crocus? Can I reuse them or just chuck them out with the tulips?

    1. Hi Keith,

      If you lift and divide bulbs it improves flowering. Spring bulbs like daffodils, narcissi, grape hyacinths and crocuses will put on a good show again if they’re planted deeply enough.

  2. I’m only an amateur at this but I would think that you can use bulbs year after year as they multiply each year so I would either leave them in or plant them out in the bed if you want to try something different. Hope that this is of some help.

  3. Personally I can’t bare to chuck anything (apart from spent tupils) so reuse bulbs in pots for spring or plant in garden. Get a surprise in spring when they come through as usually forget where I put them in the garden.

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