When to Plant Hyacinth Bulbs

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Hyacinths are a versatile spring bulb, perfect for growing either indoors or outside (if specially treated). This ever-popular spring bloom will transform any seasonal garden display with their bright colours and floral fragrance.

If you’re not sure when to plant hyacinth bulbs, or even how and where to plant them, then this blog is for you.

When to Plant Hyacinth Bulbs

Outdoor Hyacinth bulbs can be planted throughout the autumn planting season. This can be anytime between September to December, giving the bulbs plenty of time to establish and grow.

However, if you’re looking to plant indoor bulbs (which are sold separately from our indoor bulbs online as they have been specially treated to flower before spring), aim to plant them from September. If you want them to bloom in time for Christmas, then it’s recommended that you plant them around 13 weeks before the big day.  

How to Plant Hyacinths Outdoors

To plant your hyacinths outdoors, dig a hole per bulb that’s around 10cm deep and spaced around 7-8cm apart.

Pop them into their individual holes pointed side up. Cover them with soil and pat it down to cover the bulb.

When to Plant Hyacinths Outdoors

Outdoor hyacinth bulbs can be fully appreciated when planted in containers and displayed on patios or decking. Their fragrant blooms will be a delight when kept near doors and windows. 

Position your hyacinths in areas that are exposed to some sunlight. They will struggle to grow in complete shade but can handle partially shaded areas. 

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