How to Plant: Summer Geranium Bedding

Trailing Geranium Plants

Creating a colourful summer garden display is one of the best challenges facing the contemporary gardener. One of life’s most enjoyable experiences is to sit out in a well preserved and colourful garden during the warmer summer weather, simply divine!Summer is a time to reap the endless pleasure of months of hard work and sit back, relax and enjoy your surroundings. With the right choice of plants which compliment each other perfectly, then this can easily be achieved.

Geraniums are a popular choice for the summer garden

One of the most popular summer bedding plants and one of the easiest to succeed with is Pelargoniums, or more commonly known as tender Geranium plants. These are not to be confused with the hardy perennial types who share the same name.

Because these are tender young plants and are raised from either seeds or cuttings they are fantastic value for money. Their popularity stems from the wonderful range of colours available at relatively low costs, compared to more expensive pot grown varieties

Border, Patio or Trailing Geraniums look superb in the summer

Patio Aristo Geranium Collection

The benefit of incorporating Geraniums into the summer garden is their usability in various areas. We have a range of items to order online now that can be used in pots, tubs, borders, or in trailing baskets and window boxes. Why not get creative and try growing them in unique or unusual places.

We have had many customers send us photos over the years, where they have been growing summer bedding plants in some unique ways such as in wheelbarrows, slippers, wellington boots, old teapots, etc. Get thinking of some other great places and make a statement that few others will be able to boast of.

How are Summer Bedding Geraniums supplied ?

Our great range of Geraniums (Pelargoniums) are supplied in one of three ways as follows

Maxi Plug Plants As Supplied

Maxi plug plantsOur award winning Maxi plus plants are supplied in trays of 33 or 66. They produce unbeatable value, with a volume per tray of up to 50% more than competitors. They are garden ready, for planting into their final location on arrival. Alternatively they can potted up for a number of weeks to enable the roots to become even stronger.


Rapid plug plants – Trays of 120 young seed raised plants which are fantastic value for money. They are smaller than Maxi plugs but can be potted up in advance of planting outdoors in their final location. All delivered from March, through early May.

Jumbo plug plants – Supplied as large 3cm or 4cm diameter plugs which are ready for planting straight into the border or patio pots. Available in packs of six per variety or in some great money saving collections. Delivery is made from April, through early May.

How to Plant: Summer Geranium plants

  • Your Geranium (Pelargoniums) are despatched by first class post in strong and sturdy packaging to help keep them safe during their travels Immediately upon arrival the plants should be unpacked and allowed to breathe. If the weather is dry, give the plugs a little water on arrival and they will be ready to pot up or plant out within 48 hours.
  • Once ready for potting up we recommend that you use a well-balanced compost mixture, such as John Innes Number 2. It is best to avoid a mixture that is too peaty as this often means the soil can become crusty/dry and thus will repel water.
  • Make sure the soil is well watered and make a hole deep enough to firmly hold the root ball of the Geranium. Make sure during the late spring and early summer that the plants are kept watered (but take care not to over-water) and if growing in pots, make sure that the pots allow for good drainage. It often can help to raise the pots off ground level to maximise drainage.
  • Plant in areas with as much light as possible to assist with healthy flower development. Once buds begin to appear you can consider applying a liquid feed once a week, such as a high potash feed. This should help to encourage more colourful flowers.
  • It is beneficial during the summer months to deadhead the plants to help encourage and improve growth. Remove dead flowers heads to allow for new growth to push through and to keep looking tidy and healthy

How-to Tutorials

Geranium Monarda

Geranium Century

Trailing Geraniums

Unbeatable Value for Money on summer bedding plants

Double Flowering Geraniums

We at J Parkers have been working hard to bring our loyal customers some unbeatable half price collections and some great money saving offers. A great way to add colour to the summer garden, without breaking the bank. This of course is not at the expense of quality, as we only source the best UK grown plugs so you get the best display for your money.


Geranium Double Trailing Collection


Trailing Geraniums – Trailing ivy leafed double geraniums ideal for hanging baskets. An enduringly popular choice of gardeners everywhere, the humble Geranium really has earned its place as a staple of the British garden.Trail 60-70cm.




Geranium Grandeur CollectionA premium range of upright geraniums produce strong and sturdy flowers. A must for growing on the patio



Geranium SIngle Trailing Collection




Trailing Geranium Collection – A rainbow of colour in summer, with single flowering Geraniums. Trails 60-70cm.




You can also order the follow varieties and collections with some great money off deals to be had :



Aristo Geraniums Collection – Perpetual flowering Regal Geraniums from July-October on 25cm plants. Great for the patio.





Geranium F1 Collection – A collection F1 Geraniums, the best quality seed possible. A great flower for patio pots or in window boxes. This collection includes 33 each of Geranium Century Red, White, Rose and Coral. Flowers June to September.



Geranium F1 Mixed – A mixture of F1 Geraniums, supplied as Rapid plug plants. Superb value for money and wonderful mixture of colours. This collection includes 33 Mixed Geraniums (red, white rose coral) and 33 rich scarlet Reds, that sit above palmately lobed foliage.



Geranium Odorata Perfume – A new variety for 2016, this fragrant Geranium plant is perfect for patio borders and containers. The Geranium odorata Perfume also produces distinctive, frilly foliage and ornate, pansy-like blooms of deep magenta edged with palest pink. Height and spread 25-30cm.



Click HERE to view our full Geranium range!


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  1. your plants arrived safely,i spent time potting on,caring and fussing,didnt realise i was resposible for over 200 ,all nowfit and healthy but can you do something about the weather please oh, and also the slugs……do you sell camassia,my new love.

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