The Best Plants for Rock Gardens

Transforming a dull slope into a beautiful rockery garden is easy with the right plants, and it’s simple to make. From sun-thriving to shade-loving plants, take a look at our selection of best-selling rockery plants.

Aubretia Cascade Collection

Looking for rockery plants to bring pollinators flocking to the garden? Plant our beautiful Aubretia collection en masse as amazing floral ground cover.

Ground Cover Perennial Collection

A collection of our most popular perennials. Suppress weeds and add colour with this selection of six special perennials.

Aster Alpinus Collection

A cheery collection of daisy-like blooms. Perfect for planting around stone walls, rockeries or in pots, to add a dash of colour to the summer garden.

Alpine Perennial Collection

Originating from rocky mountain regions, this compact collection is filled with 10 super hardy varieties. An amazing rockery garden all in one collection.

Phlox Subulata Collection

One of the best creeping perennials. Immerse your garden in a wonderful array of pink, blue and white shades with this stunning Phlox collection.

Saxifraga ‘Schneeteppich’

Add some sparkle to the garden with these white starry blooms. This evergreen perennial has a brilliant compact form, making it a popular choice for ground cover.

Lewisia Cotyledon Mixed

A hardy ground cover showstopper! This perennial produces bursts of star-shaped flowers in a variety of delicate and dreamy colours. Perfect for rockeries and containers.

Hebe ‘Magic Summer’

Add a touch of magic to the spring/summer garden with this beautiful Hebe. This dwarf, evergreen plant with beautiful, eye-catching foliage is the perfect low maintenance shrub for rockeries.

Sedum ‘Sea Star’

This tough perennial will be the star of the show in any rockery garden. The pale pin star-shaped flowers are a real sight to behold in the late spring. Great for ground cover.


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