Parkers Pollinator Count Winner

Our very first Parkers Pollinator Count has finished! Much like the Big Butterfly Count which came before it, our main focus this month was the winged beauties that often populate our gardens this time of year! Another great part of this competition is the donation we’re going to make to the Butterfly Conservation. Every entry, no matter the platform, equals a £1 donation directly from us. So not only are we donating to a great cause but one lucky person has won a £100 VOUCHER to spend on website! So, without further ado lets find out our winner…

Rebecca Saxton

Congratulations Rebecca for winning our Parkers Pollinators Count! This is such a beautiful picture that allows us to see all the tiny little details that this beautiful creature posses. This little pollinator definitely seems to be doing its job as its whole body is covered in pollen, ready to pollinate and make our plants look amazing! The gorgeous flowers and sunshine in the background has helped to crown this picture as our winner.

But that’s not all! Thanks to all of your contributions we have been able to raise £91 for The Butterfly Conservation! But that’s not all, we’ve decided to DOUBLE this number and donate £182, hopefully this larger sum will help towards the charity’s efforts in helping these very important creatures thrive and make the planet a better place. Both butterfly counts may have ended but summer stays, continue keeping an eye out for the little creatures in our life and spread awareness!

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Parkers Patch competition winner

Another month, another winner! This time we were able to see all of your amazing J Parkers filled fruit and vegetable patches, and celebrate growing your own. Whether your growing space is big or small, just growing a few of your own ingredients can be amazing feeling. Not only does gardening promote mindfulness, but the sense of fulfilment during harvest season is enough to inspire you to grow more. Time to meet the winner of our latest competition…

Ellen Lockley

Ellen sent us this gorgeous picture of her home grown garden that she created! It is full of cut flowers, pumpkins and an array of vegetables and fruit bushes. This is such an amazing space that is used perfectly, with separate patches, divided perfectly and some flowers neatly planted to brighten up the space!

Congratulations Ellen for winning our Parkers Patch competition and thank you to everyone for entering! Like always, we have so many more fun and interactive competitions coming up so stay tuned and keep planting.

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Wildlife Competition winner

In the month of May we unveiled our brand new Wildlife Competition! The aim of this was to encourage all of you to keep a keen eye out for all the little friends in the garden! Another great part of this competition is our contribution to The Wildlife Trusts. For each and every donation, no matter the platform, we promised to donate £1 to help towards the preservation of wildlife. But not only that, one lucky person has won a £100 VOUCHER to spend on our website! Let’s not waste anymore time and unveil our winner…

Jane Newland

Congratulations Jane for winning our very first Wildlife Competition! There are so many elements to this shot that I love, starting with the interaction with nature. You must be well acquainted with the wildlife in your garden to be able to coax it to strike a pose for the camera! Along with the beautiful foliage in the background, this entry was definitely our number one.

But the fun doesn’t stop there, thanks to all your entries we were able to donate £332 to The Wildlife Trusts to help continue their amazing conservation work! Hopefully next year we can beat this amount and keep spreading the importance of wildlife. Get out there and keep looking after our planet!

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