Top Plants for an Evergreen Garden

Providing foliage all-year-round, evergreen plants are perfect for adding colour, structure and height to any outdoor space. Get inspired to create your own green oasis with this amazing selection of evergreen plants, shrubs and climbers.

Heuchera ‘Palace Purple’

A glossy purple evergreen plant that blooms with small, pink flowers throughout the summer. Ideal for pots, borders and providing a colour contrast against light-coloured plants.

Ensete ‘Maurelii’

An award-winning exotic, evergreen beauty. Eye-catching green/bronze leaves upon a strong dark red stem. Perfect for adding height to am outdoor space in pots and containers. 

Clematis ‘Apple Blossom’

One of the most popular evergreen climbers on the market. Flourishing with romantic pink spring flowers, plant by a doorway or seating area, where you can enjoy their almond scent.

Euonymus ‘Paloma Blanca’

A compact bi-coloured evergreen shrub. The stunning foliage emerges greenish- white and darkens to a rich deep green with age. Ideal for pots, window boxes and borders.

Ornamental Grass Collection

Ornamental grasses have become a big trend for modern gardens. These eye-catching collection of evergreen grasses add texture, colour and height to borders, containers and rockeries.

Escallonia ‘Pink Elle’

Add a burst of colour with this fantastic, compact shrub. These evergreen shrubs have glossy, leathery leaves and burst with an abundance of white, pink and red flower clusters in the summertime.

Gardenia ‘Crown Jewel’

A sensational scented, evergreen shrub. The glossy forest green leaves provide a beautiful contrast against the pearly white, star-shaped summer flowers. Great for borders or containers.

Italian Cypress Totem Pole

If you have some space to play with, these luscious conifers add luxurious height to borders or large containers. Its columnar habit makes it ideal as a focal point in the garden.

December Plant of the Month: Holly

The British countryside is experiencing a bumper crop of holly berries this autumn, thanks to perfect weather conditions in 2018. So the traditional Christmas plant is putting on its best display in over 20 years. As well as being a symbol of the festive season, the common native evergreen provides vital winter food for animals and birds and makes Holly the perfect plant of the month for December. Get yours in time for Christmas!

Keep reading to check out our favourite evergreen Holly plants, a handy guide for planting Holly in borders and containers.

Top Products

Once planted, Hollies resent disturbance, so buy younger, smaller plants are the way to go as these are easier to establish in the garden. So, take a look below at our bestselling varieties.

Holly Hedging (English Holly)

A brilliant hedging plant. Forming a dense prickly barrier, English Holly is a welcome source of food and protection to wildlife in the winter. Their glossy evergreen leaves and bright red and orange berries are a beautiful sight during the festive season.

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Holly Blue Angel

A classic winter wonder. This popular evergreen bush produces vivid red fruits and dark olive leaves and can be grown outside for years to come for bigger and better displays each Christmas.

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Holly Ingramii

Our superb, premium Holly variety. This new variegated Holly is ideal as a feature shrub or very prickly barrier hedge. The glossy, dark green leaves are patterned with a broad, irregular, speckled, cream margin.

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Holly Ornamental Collection

An outstanding collection of Hollies. These colourful evergreens produce striking red berries from December. The collection includes one of each variety: ‘Sharpy’, ‘Golden Van Tol’ and ‘Aurea Marginata’ and one male ‘Blue Prince’.

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Holly Argentea Marginata

An awe-inspiring evergreen tree that looks great in every garden. With masses of bright red winter berries and lustrous, silvery dark green leaves, why not add a festive staple into your garden?

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