The Best Fragrant Flowers for Spring

Planning a garden takes a lot of thought and decision making. Which flowers would you like to see every day? Do you prefer perennials that reappear each year, or annual bulbs for short-term fix? Texture or colour? Colour or fragrance? What about all four?

We understand the struggle of planning a garden as avid gardeners ourselves. We also know that a garden isn’t just to look pretty. It’s about texture, smell and seasonality, too. Marry together all garden concepts with these spring-flowering bulbs. Not only do they look wonderful, they smell wonderful too!


Hyacinths are a popular spring-time flower, heralded for their bright colours and refreshing fragrances. Supplied as easy-to-plant bulbs, the Hyacinth is perfect for all gardeners as they require little attention to thrive. Plant these bulbs in your beds or containers for an attractive display throughout the season.

Bedding Sized Hyacinth Collection
Hyacinth Passion Mixed


Honeysuckle (Lonicera) offers a profusion of aromatic blooms. Some don’t flower until summer, but a select few appear in the spring months. This makes them the perfect additions to your fragrant spring garden. Produces small, colourful blooms all season long.

Lonicera Winter Beauty
Lonicera tatarica Rosea


The Iris is a popular spring and summer flowering bulb. It’s heralded for it’s ability to withstand harsh weather like frost and rain, as well as their colourful flowers. Their short stature also makes them perfect for the front of borders and beds! We’ve hand-picked our favourite fragrant iris bulbs, but feel free to browse our entire Iris range.

Iris Danfordiae
Iris Reticulata Pixie


Many Daphne shrubs are spring-flowering, producing fragrant flowers throughout the season. Perfect for introducing a large area of colour to any area of you garden. These compact shrubs are perfect for gardens of any size and shape!

Daphne Pink Fragrance
Daphne mezereum Rubra

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