When to Plant Winter Pansies

Winter Pansies

As we move towards the end of summer and the start of autumn rears its chilly head, you might have started to think about how to change up your garden as the seasons shift. Winter Pansies are a popular spring and winter flower as they add a pop of colour to your garden even on the darkest of days.

Not only are they incredibly pretty, but they are also fairly robust. Perfect for classic British weather that comes with the winter and spring seasons!

When to Plant Your Pansies

Ensuring your pansies have the best chance, you should look to plant them during September or early October. Placing them in your borders or pots around this time will ensure that their roots grow and become sturdy enough to endure all conditions.

If planted any later in the season, the roots will not have enough warmth from the soil to grow fast enough or healthy enough to survive their entire season.

Caring for Your Winter Pansies

As we mentioned, once you receive your order you should plant your plug plants. This avoids them going off and you wasting money.
To plant pansy plugs, dig a hole in the bed or pot that mimics the size of the plug. Once done, place the plug in the hole and cover with soil. Fertilise the area and water immediately (if planted in spring – More on this later). Make sure you fertilise your pansies once planted, and a second time in spring. This will ensure that they have the most nutrients throughout their flowering season.

Pansies need sunshine to grow, so before you plant them make sure that they have enough sunlight to develop. Pansies can grow in partial shade, but the lack of sunlight exposure can sometimes have an adverse effect on how the flower survives different weather conditions later.

Planting Winter Pansies

Should You Water Pansies?

Even with the winter and spring weather, you still may need to check on your winter pansies now and then to check that they are getting enough water. This is especially important for potted pansies that are undercover. To check if your pansies are properly hydrated, stick a finger into the soil and water if necessary.

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Winter Pansy Collection

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How to Plant: Pansies

Pansies are exceptionally colourful plants and these specially selected winter and spring flowering varieties will present a splendid display of colour over a very long period and in such a beautiful variation of shades. A cool-weather favourite, pansies are great for both spring and autumn garden displays!

Our handy guide will help you with Planting Pansies, as well as how to keep your Pansies growing and blooming.


  • Plant straight away upon arrival into pots or containers into either freshly prepared soil (with a little organic matter added) or else using a balanced potting compost.
  • Pot up for a number of weeks (minimum of two-three) and then plant out into final position once the roots have become established.
  • Water regularly and make sure soil does not become too dry. This will also help to produce a bigger plant with greater flowering potential.
In this easy to follow how-to video tutorial, our resident gardener Jeff shows you how to plant winter/spring flowering pansies step by step, with tips and tricks for getting the best results out of your pansy plants.


Here are a few tips on caring for your pansy plants.

  • Remember to water your pansies regularly. One of the most common reasons pansies fail is because they are not watered enough, so if your pansies are not doing well, try watering them more.
  • You can use a general, all-purpose fertilizer around your pansies to help them grow.
  • Always deadhead your pansies as they go over and be sure to pinch off the whole flower to the base of the stem and you’ll then get more flowers.

Our Top Picks

Need help deciding which pansies to buy? Can Can or Cool Wave? Maxi plug or garden ready? Here is a selection of our favourite varieties to simplify your gardening.

Pansy Cool Wave (Garden Ready)

The next generation of trailing pansy from seed, Pansy Cool Wave. Simply plant in a hanging basket or container and the plants will naturally spread and trail to create a stunning spring display as illustrated. This pansy has exceptional overwintering performance and is the first to re-bloom in spring, and another highlight of this variety is it’s light scent. Height 15cm. This pansy is supplied as garden ready plug plants, our largest sized plugs on the market and are very easy to grow making them perfect for the novice and experienced gardener alike. Each plug plant supplied is 10-15cm in height and 5cm in width, supplied in trays of 30.

Pansy Can Can (Maxi Plug or Garden Ready)

Our stunning double winter flowering Pansy Can Can is an extravagant frilled pansies, which will make your winter basket, patio containers and borders a sight for sore eyes. The ruffled semi-double flowers are exquisitely marked with shades of yellow, red blue, white and orange, perfect for adding a flair of colour to your garden display. Available as Maxi Plugs, a small but robust variety, and Garden Ready plants , which are our easiest plug plant to succeed with, ready to plant on arrival and are the quickest of all to establish and grow. Maxi plug height 15cm. Garden Ready height 20cm.

Winter/Spring Pansy Select Mixed (Garden Ready)

Winter and Spring pansies never fail to perform, they show a splendid display of multi-colour over a very long period. Pansies really are super hardy plants and don’t mind being covered with a dusting of snow in the winter – they just carry on flowering right through to spring. Height 15-20cm.

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