How to Plant Hyacinth Bulbs

Hyacinths are perfect for spring displays, brightening any garden with their eye-catching colours and shapes. Hyacinth bulbs are easy to grow, meaning gardeners at any level can proudly display their fragrant blooms in the spring. Plus, with hundreds of colour variations, there are options for any garden and theme!
Famous for their cone shape and attractive clustered flower heads, it is easy to see why they are a must-have in your beds and borders.

Although hyacinth bulbs are easy to plant, they should be planted in a way to maximise their flowering season to ensure you get the most of your flowers through the springtime. If you are unsure of how to handle your bulbs when they arrive, then continue reading.

When to Plant Hyacinths

Once you have received your bulbs, you should think about planting them in your borders and containers in early autumn to see them flower in March and April. For prepared hyacinths, you should plant them indoors in your pots in mid-autumn to see them flower as soon as December. Prepared hyacinths are quite different from your normal outdoor bulbs. They are treated in a way that speeds up their flowering process, allowing you to see them sprout earlier than you would outdoor hyacinths.

The months in which each species should be planted do not differ, as there is not much difference between each species other than their unique colour. This gives you less to plan for when planting your bulbs in autumn.

Where to Plant Hyacinth Bulbs

Hyacinths do well in beds, borders, and containers, allowing you creative freedom with where to display them. Prepared hyacinths are a different story, as you plant them in a small pot and keep them in a dark cupboard or greenhouse while the root grows and until shoots begin to appear. These prepared bulbs can flower as early as December and through to February if looked after properly.

How to Plant Your Hyacinths

Depending on where you decide to plant your hyacinth bulbs will determine which steps you should follow. For borders, plant your bulbs with their noses to the sky and 10cm deep. Leave a minimum gap of 10cm between each bulb. Water them after planting to help them ‘settle in’.

If planting in containers, the process is slightly different. To grow several bulbs in a container, place three to five bulbs at 10cm deep and about 10cm apart. Raise the container on pot feet or on bricks to help with drainage.

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