What to Do in The Garden in January

Although January is still a wintry month, there’s still lots you can get up to in the garden. From pruning to planting, there’s no shortage of work regardless of the cold weather!

With spring approaching, you may be conscious of how to get your garden ready in time. We’ve compiled this handy list of gardening jobs to do throughout January to prepare your garden for spring.

Damaged Plants

Now is the perfect time to throw away damaged and rotted plants to make way for new ones come spring. This can also be helpful as it will allow you to think ahead and decide what you need to order before spring begins, such as new plants or shrubs.

Move Your Strawberry Plants

January is the best time to move your strawberry plants indoors or in a greenhouse as it promotes early fruiting. You may have already moved your potted plants into your greenhouse before winter began, but if not then around now is the best time to get them under shelter.

Bird Box Maintenance

January is a great time to survey your bird boxes and make sure they’re not wobbly or need maintenance before the nesting season begins. If you don’t have any bird boxes around the garden and you’d like to add one before spring, find a nice sheltered spot in a tree or bush.

More Jobs for the January Garden:

  • Remove any weeds from your beds and borders, especially before planting new plants.
  • Throw away damaged pots and buy new ones before the season starts.
  • Top up bird baths regularly and defrost frozen water with warm water in the mornings or throughout the day.
  • Inspect plants for rot and throw away any if necessary.
  • Prune your pear and apple trees to remove dead or damaged branches before spring.

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What to Plant in January

2021 has started off frosty, however as the weather starts to warm up towards the end of winter, there are actually quite a few plants you can start growing this January. Now is a great time to continue planting trees and shrubs, as well as planning for the coming gardening year 

Bare-root trees

Planting during winter is usually the best time for fruit trees, but always avoid planting when the ground is frozen. You can plant new trees in containers this January and keep them in a cold garage or storage space until the weather improves, or as long as the ground isn’t too hard to dig a hole, you should be good to go. However, do not try to plant bare-root trees once the new season’s leaf buds have started to emerge.

Bare-root Roses

Winter is the perfect time to plant dormant bare-root roses, specifically from late winter to early spring, before growth resumes. Planting bare-root roses during the dormant season allows the plants to establish quickly, because this is when the soil is moist. Simply avoid planting in the middle of winter when the ground is frozen

Raspberry\Blackberry Canes

The perfect fruits to grow for beginners. Raspberries can be planted any time during the dormant season, between November and March. Blackberry plants are also easy-to-grow, and can be planted up until mid-spring as long as the ground isn’t frozen.

Plan ahead for Spring

Get ready for spring planting season and pre-order your favourite summer-flowering bulbs & tubers online now. From beautiful new Dahlias, Gladioli and Begonias, our spring 2021 range has something for every garden.

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