What to Plant in May

For tips on what to plant this May, look no further! The weather may be getting brighter but it’s still good to wrap up warm when sitting outside. Or maybe even in a beer garden since that’s allowed now. With warmer days ahead, it’s time to get stuck into some planting.

Here’s a list of what you can plant this May.


This beautifully fragrant shrub is easy to grow and produces masses of of lavender flowers that can be repurposed for multiple uses! Supplied in a selection of varieties, the flowers can be grown as bedding, border or potted plants and are ideal for creating a low screen or ground cover. 

Lavender Peter Pan

Lavender Stoechas Papillon


Supplied as plug plants, maxi plugs or garden ready, our Marigolds will have your garden bursting with summer. Coming in beautiful shades of red, orange and yellow, Marigolds look beautiful in borders or pots or containers. They also make incredible cut flowers!

Marigold French Durango Mixed
Marigold Fireball


Coming in a range of colours such as blue, purple and white or even mixed. Our Lobelia’s are fantastic plants with cascading varieties that are ideal for hanging baskets or containers and upright varieties. Lobelia’s prefer well drained fertile soil or a balanced compost.

Lobelia Crystal Palace
Lobelia Cascade Mixed


Synonymous with Summer, it’s time to get these delicious berries into the ground. Our Strawberry plants are disease resistant and are all reliable cropping varieties. We have a wide variety of strawberry plants that come in strange colours and exotic flavours! Have you ever tried a ‘Pineberry’?

Strawberry Pineberry
Strawberry Super Size Elsanta


Perfect for seasoning and garnishing, our special range of herbs includes popular everyday varieties such as Basil, Chives, Coriander, Rosemary, Sage and Mint. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even try to make your own herb-infused oil!

Chives Staro
Green Sage


Crunchy and juicy, our cucumbers are perfect for summer salads or a homemade spa treatment! With a good resistance to mildew, this is the best time to grow cucumber plants ready for the warmer months.

Cucumber Shakira
Cucumber Gambit

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What to Plant in May

Ready to get planting in the garden?

With the warm spring sunshine finally here, now is the perfect time to finish planting those summer-flowering plants/bulbs. Check out our top picks for planting in the garden this May.


These flamboyant tender perennials produce fantastic ornamental foliage that will bring a burst of exotic colour to any garden, whether that be as a statement focal point or in a border.

  • Great for pots and the border
  • Prefer sunny spots


Add amazing colour to your early Summer borders with hardy perennial Salvias. Fragrant and available in an array of eye-catching colours, these plants are a great, characterful choice for the garden.

  • Great for borders and containers
  • Prefer full sun/partially sunny locations


There’s still time to get your Dahlias planted! These modern summer garden favourites are well-loved for their amazing assortment of colours, shapes and sizes. Blooming from Summer into late Autumn, Dahlias add colour to the garden well after others have finished flowering.

  • Great for borders, pots and as cut flowers
  • Prefer full sun/partially sunny locations

Calla Lilies

Loved for their large, trumpet-shaped flowers and gorgeous range of colours, Calla Lilies are understandably a classic summer garden favourite.

  • Great for pots, beds and borders
  • Prefer full sun/partially sunny locations



Tall and elegant, Delphiniums are the perfect plants for bringing height and texture to summer-flowering borders. Hardy, versatile and attractive to butterflies, the benefits are endless for this statuesque plant.

  • Great for beds, borders and cottage gardens
  • Prefer full sun/partially sunny locations

Bedding Plants

Late Spring is the perfect time to plant bedding plants. Grow colourful Primulas, Petunias and Primroses to perk up pots and flower beds and you’ll see the impact almost immediately without having to invest a great deal of time and effort.

  • Great for beds, pots or hanging baskets.
  • Prefer full sun/partially sunny locations