What To Harvest In October

Growing your own crops can feel like a long, and sometimes fruitless, process. Finally, you can reap the rewards from your months of labour! October has arrived, and with it brings the appearance of many fruits and vegetables.

Here’s what to harvest in October, whether it be in the garden or allotment.


If successful, you can harvest carrots from as early as May, carrying through to December.


October is the best time to harvest apples. This is when they’ll be at their juiciest! Eat them soon after picking, or use them in recipes for desserts!

Potatoes (Main crop)

Maincrop potatoes can be harvested from August through to October, so grab them out of the ground this month to use them in all your favourite dishes!


And who can forget the quintessential crop of the autumn months? Pumpkins will be ready to harvest through October, leaving you to fulfil your carving and baking needs!

More to Harvest This Month

  • Runner Beans
  • Pears
  • Beetroot
  • Squashes

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What to Plant In October

As the cold weather is finally upon us, you might be wondering what to plant in October. Gardeners across the UK are probably getting their gloves on as we speak!

The end of September marked the start of bulb planting season, and this continues throughout October. However, if you’re new to gardening and are unsure of where to start this month, this blog is for you.

From bulbs to shrubs, there’s plenty to be getting on with this coming month.


Our tulip range is truly extensive. There’s definitely a tulip variety for everyone to choose from, regardless of garden themes or personal taste. Offering a bountiful pop of colour to your beds, borders, and patio pots, the reliable tulip is a must-have for any spring garden display.

Tulip Showcase
Tulip Diana


Achieve a whimsical woodland effect with our snowdrop range. These little bells of pure white remind many of spring forest walks. The perfect height for adding to the front of your bedding, as well as being incredible naturalisers. See these beauties reappear year after year throughout the spring months.

Double Flowering Snowdrops
Giant Flowering Snowdrops


If you’re still unsure of what to plant in October, the Iris is truly something to behold. Available in a myriad of colours and heights, the iris is the perfect spring bulb. Add interest to your borders and patio pots with our spring-flowering irises.

Iris Spring Flowering Collection
Iris reticulata Blue Planet


One of our more popular spring-time bulbs is the humble daffodil. No spring garden would be complete without some of these beauties. Dot around your garden for sporadic pops of colour, or cut in spring for beautiful cut flower displays.

Daffodil Apotheose
Daffodil Cassata