New Pansy Introductions for Winter and Spring!

Our team has been working hard behind the scenes here at J Parker’s, finding us new products to add to our 2021 catalogue. With that being said, we would like to introduce our brand-new pansy flowers that have been recently added to our website.

Pansies are the perfect winter and spring bedding flower, highly respected for their hardiness throughout the colder months. With their signature pops of colour, they will perform great in your beds, borders, containers and hanging baskets! Take a sneaky peek at our new additions.

Winter Pansy Flower Collection

Winter Flowering Pansy Collection

Including 33 bulbs of each flower: Ocean Breeze mix, Autumn Blaze mix, Raspberry Sundae mix, and orange and lemons mix.

Pansy Britannia Mix

These beautiful large flowering pansies will brighten any garden with their red, white and blue petals.

Pansy Cool Wave Frost

Their powder blue petals will compliment any bed or container. Will flower from late winter into early spring.

Pansy Cool Wave Lemon

This flower is a gardener’s dream, producing attractive lemon yellow petals. Are lightly scented and perform well in any bed, border or container.

Pansy Flower Cool Wave Purple

Pansy Cool Wave Purple

This eye-catching deep purple bloom will compliment any garden. Perfect for hanging baskets or containers and will last throughout the colder months.

Pansy Cool Wave Strawberry Swirl

Producing an amazing display of pinkish-red and lemon coloured flowers, the Strawberry Swirl will brighten any space.

Pansy Morpheus

This modern pansy flower produces large royal blue and bright yellow petals. Will live happily in any bed, border or patio container.

Pansy Flower Orange and Lemons Mixed

Orange & Lemons Mixed

This vibrant pansy mix offers yellow, orange, and white blooms. Pair with any other winter flowering pansy to create the perfect display.

Trailing Pansy Raspberry Swirl

This deep maroon and white speckled flower will be the focal point of any garden. Flowering in winter, this pansy will compliment your arrangements wonderfully.

Pansy Cool Wave White

Producing a brilliant white pansy flower with a complimentary yellow center, the Cool Wave White will thrive in your winter display.

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