Parkers Pollinator Count Winner

Our very first Parkers Pollinator Count has finished! Much like the Big Butterfly Count which came before it, our main focus this month was the winged beauties that often populate our gardens this time of year! Another great part of this competition is the donation we’re going to make to the Butterfly Conservation. Every entry, no matter the platform, equals a £1 donation directly from us. So not only are we donating to a great cause but one lucky person has won a £100 VOUCHER to spend on website! So, without further ado lets find out our winner…

Rebecca Saxton

Congratulations Rebecca for winning our Parkers Pollinators Count! This is such a beautiful picture that allows us to see all the tiny little details that this beautiful creature posses. This little pollinator definitely seems to be doing its job as its whole body is covered in pollen, ready to pollinate and make our plants look amazing! The gorgeous flowers and sunshine in the background has helped to crown this picture as our winner.

But that’s not all! Thanks to all of your contributions we have been able to raise £91 for The Butterfly Conservation! But that’s not all, we’ve decided to DOUBLE this number and donate £182, hopefully this larger sum will help towards the charity’s efforts in helping these very important creatures thrive and make the planet a better place. Both butterfly counts may have ended but summer stays, continue keeping an eye out for the little creatures in our life and spread awareness!

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Parkers Pollinator Count

The Big Butterfly Count has started! We want to do our job as wildlife enthusiasts and continue the count! Butterflies are an important part of not just the garden, but nature overall. With the hot summer days and lovely weather, this is prime time for butterflies to show off their beautiful wings and grace the skies. Keep reading to find out how you can win a £100 VOUCHER and give to a good cause!

How to enter

  • Snap photos of pollinators in the garden in commemoration of The Big Butterfly Count. For this particular competition we’re focusing on butterflies only – big and small!
  • FACEBOOK – Like our Facebook page and share your image to our page with the caption ‘Parkers Pollinators entry’.
  • TWITTER – Follow us at @JParkersBulbs and tag us in your photos with the hashtag #parkerspollinators
  • INSTAGRAM – Follow us at @jparkersbulbs and tag us in your photos with the hashtag #parkerspollinators
  • EMAIL – Email us at [email protected] (Entries must be under 5mb – please include your name and postcode)

Every entry you send in, we donate £1 to the Butterfly Conservation.

What you win

The lucky winner of our Parkers Pollinator Count competition will in a £100 VOUCHER to spend on our website! But the good stuff doesn’t stop there, every single entry no matter the platform will count as a £1 donation to the Butterfly Conservation directly from us. This means that no matter who wins, you will be contributing to the Big Butterfly Count and spreading the importance these little winged creatures hold.

Butterfly Conservation

The Butterfly Conservation envision a world where ‘butterflies and moths thrive and can be enjoyed by everyone, forever’ and that is exactly what they aim do to. Through their best efforts over the last 40 years, they are aiming to not only increase the numbers of widespread species, but also recover threatened butterflies and moths and promote intentional conservation actions. By inspiring people to understand and deliver species conservation, the Butterfly Conservation are taking long strides to achieve their 2025 goals and we hope to help them achieve their goal.

When does the competition end?

Get your photos to us by August 20th. The winner will be announced on August 26rd.

Good luck and start snapping!

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