Create the Perfect Patio Garden Display

plants on the patio

Patio displays are the modern gardeners dream! They’re perfect for spaces of any size and design, providing a gorgeous outdoor living space for year-round activity.

Requiring very little maintenance, the patio garden is a perfect place to display your favourite seasonal blooms. If you’re stuck for inspiration, here’s a few tips to get you started!

Plan for Size

the perfect patio garden

Regardless of size, you can create the garden of your dreams. However, its always a good idea to plan your design within reason. If you have a grand design in mind but limited space, maybe try and scale the project back to maximise the effect.

If you’re struggling to get creative with your smaller garden, try starting small. Find furniture that fits the space, or maximise your design with plenty of potted plants scattered around the edges.

Decide on a Focal Point

a garden fire pit

If space permits, creating a focal point can take your patio garden to a whole new level! Whether it be a fire pit or pond, find something that will benefit you and your family as well as your personal taste.

Go Alfresco

patio garden design for small gardens

Unsure of what to include in your patio design? A great option for any patio is a gorgeous outdoor dining table. Pair it with a big parasol for sunnier days, and you’ll be ready to go. Just don’t forget the sun cream!

Keep it Simple

plants in pots on the patio

If you’re still unsure of where to start or what design you prefer then just keep it simple! Pick a few colourful flower pots to scatter around the patio and fill them with all your favourite seasonal flowers and plants.

You could even try your hand at growing your own produce by using grow bags or pots!

Perfect plants for growing in patio pots and containers

Diascia Divara mixed
Livingstone Daisy mixed
Cosmos Apollo Lovesong

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