Dahlia flowers for every garden

cactus dahlias

One of the most beautifully versatile summer flowers. Blooming from summer into autumn, the colourful, long-lasting blooms of dahlias belong in every garden. Varying in size, colour and shape, discover our guide for choosing the best dahlia flowers for your garden.

For pots/containers

For pots and containers, the best choices are the shorter, dwarf varieties. With a more compact shape and low growing habit, dwarf dahlias provide beautiful bright coloured blooms at a smaller size, making the perfect companions for patio pots, containers, especially if you’re short of space in the garden.

For flower beds and borders

If you are passionate about vibrant summer colour in your flower beds and borders, dahlia flowers are the perfect solution. For the front of the border, low-growing dwarf dahlias or pollinator-loving mignon dahlias are the perfect options, and to get impressive blooms at the back of a border, dinnerplate and decorative dahlias are ideal due to their height and colourful flowerheads.

For cut flower beds

All dahlias can make exceptional cut flowers but narrowed down a list of the most desirable and popular types. Pompom dahlias work well for cutting. Their natural habit is to continually produce flowers as they go through the season. Waterlily types are also a great choice as they are free flowering, normally held on long stems, and any of the miniatures will make perfect cut flowers.

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New Dahlias for Summer 2021

Summer-flowering Dahlias are an essential addition to any gardener’s bedding displays. Each variation of Dahlia produces large blooms and bright colours throughout early summer.

As we approach spring, you might have started thinking about your summer garden. Browse our entire range of Dahlias to create the perfect display.

Dahlia Paso Doble

Dahlia ‘Paso Doble’ is an anemone-flowering variety that produces large yellow and white double flowers. Each centre is filled with rows of bright yellow tubular petals that create an impressive pompom effect.

Dahlia Cactus Pinelands Princess

The Dahlia ‘Pinelands Princess’ is a gorgeous cactus variety that produces the most incredible pink and yellow flowers throughout the summer months.

Dahlia Dinner Plate Mystery Day

If you’re looking for something unique in shape and colour, then Dahlia ‘Mystery Day’ is right up your alley. Each flower produces the most incredible bright red petals that taper into white toward each tip. 

Dahlia Kiev

Dahlia ‘Kiev’ produces large blush pink petals with a yellow-tinged centre from as early as July. As the flower matures, the colour becomes darker and more intense. Easily to pair with any of our summer-flowering Dahlias for an exciting summer display!

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