Parker’s Book Club: The Urban Vegetable Patch: A Modern Guide to Growing Sustainably, Whatever Your Space – Grace Paul

Have you ever wondered if you could create an outdoor allotment… indoors?! Well, thanks to the written word of Grace Paul, you can! Her handy book is a must-read for those with small outdoor spaces, or none at all. We have chosen this book for our monthly book club to help you become an indoor gardening expert.

Starting with how to grow vegetables organically to creating your very own homemade fertilizer and everything in between, this incredible read from Grace Paul shouldn’t be missed off anyone’s shopping list this month. Learn how to make the most of your space, whether it be indoors or outdoors, to plant and grow your favourite produce and blooms throughout the year.

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How to Create Privacy in Small Gardens

Small urban gardens can be overlooked by other houses, which means privacy can be rare. To prevent neighbours being able to see into your garden or to just create your own private sanctuary of peace, check out our top tips for how to achieve privacy in a small urban space.

1. Block Sight Lines

An arbour, pergola or gazebo are all easy ways of increasing privacy if you’re overlooked by upper windows. Cover any of these structures with beautiful trailing plants to truly create your own natural private space. Another tip is to plant small trees near your terrace; they will give you more privacy than a taller tree further away.

2. Bushy Pot Plants

Growing bushy potted plants gives you the cover you need, and they’re mobile so you can move them around whenever you like. It’s an easy way to improve privacy that also adds a good dose of foliage to your outdoor space. Grab plants that have a good width spread to grow a private wall of foliage.

3. Beautiful Bamboo

Growing Bamboo in pots is a great way to leave your privacy concerns behind. These plants provide a well-concealed look as well as the lush greenery.

4. Cover up with Climbers

If you want to cover your garden fences or railings in a balcony or rooftop, climbing plants are a great option. Ivy plants would be a top choice, as they’re fast growing and evergreen; the perfect all-year-round cover.

5. Ornamental Grasses

Grasses can be used so easily to create internal screens or hedges that flower beautifully, move in the slightest breeze, and need little care during the summer months. Their fast growth rate makes ornamental grasses ideal for privacy hedges because new plants can rapidly fill in any gaps.

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