Plants for a vertical garden

Not everyone has the space for a big, luscious garden and the best thing is – you don’t need to. But even if you do have an expansive space, maybe you want to spice up the garden a little bit? Enter the vertical garden! A great way add greenery and brighten up small spaces, cover up unattractive walls or just do something just a bit little different.

Vertical gardens are a fairly simple concept. You start by choosing a wall, preferably one that is a sore sight. But it is also important to think about placement. If your chosen wall gets little to no sun then make sure that the plants you’re picking can withstand that. Once you have your perfect spot it’s time to build the frame! There are many guides online that give you the best idea of what materials to use, along with attributes, sizing and assembly.

Aforementioned, with any garden your space is the most important part. There are so many things you have to take an account of – sun, shade, wind, humidity, and the cold, just to name a few. But luckily for you we have cultivated a list of plants to fit any and all vertical gardens to ensure you’re making the most of your space…

Asplenium scolopendrium

Commonly known as ‘The Harts Tongue Fern’, this RHS Award of Garden Merit Winner is a hardy, evergreen fern! Easy to grow, this luscious green foliage will provide beautiful colour, shape and texture all year round. Perfect for any vertical garden no matter the placement.

Rose Climbing Danse De Feu

Our climbing roses are great for any garden look! From classic fairytale, cottagecore or modern, our Rose Climbing Danse De Feu is perfect for all vertical gardens. Climbers are easy to grow and will reward your garden with gorgeous bursts of colour, a sweet fragrance and up to 20-30 years of character to the garden.

Parthenocissus (Climbing Ivy)

If you’re looking to create a truly enchanting display then look no further! These hardy and robust climbers will grow in all areas of the garden from sunny spots to even the most shaded location. With showy lobed leaves that begin green and slowly bleed into a rich crimson and burnt orange, our climbing ivy is a real treat for a vertical garden.

Honeysuckle American Beauty

Also known as the ‘Golden Flame Honeysuckle’, this striking beauty produces beautiful peach and pink flowers and is the holder of the RHS Award of Garden Merit. Another great feature is its sweet fragrance and climbing habits with climbing vines that will grow up to five metres to create a wonderful feature.

Clematis Double Season Collection

This particular variety is a real treat as it double flowers each year giving you a display from March through to August! But that’s not all. Hardy and versatile, no wall, trellis, fence or even tree can stop its vigorous climbing habit.

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How to Create a DIY Vertical Garden

Vertical garden

Vertical gardens are a great addition to urban gardens, especially for those with less outdoor space. DIY vertical gardens are not only great to look at, but easy on the pocket too!

To create your own vertical garden, all you need are a few supplies and your plants of choice. Follow this handy guide to get started.

Pick and Plan

DIY vertical herb garden

First things first, you need to choose what type of DIY vertical garden you’d like to create. Is it purely for aesthetic? Or would you like it to have more of a function? There are plenty of choices to make, from herbs to ferns, so do your research and pick something that suits your needs.

Secondly, you need to think about where to place your garden. Depending on the plants you choose, they will be able to thrive in full sun or full shade. If you have a south-facing garden, you’ll want plants that will thrive in full sun, and vice-versa for north-facing gardens.

Choose Your Plants

DIY Vertical garden with potted plants

Next, pick your plants! Now that you know what habit you should be looking for, you can easily choose which plants will suit your garden. Whether you choose herbs, ferns, perennials, or succulents, there’s bound to be a variety of plants that you love and look great!

If you’re wanting more functionality than aesthetic, vertical herb gardens are a brilliant way of introducing foliage to your outdoor space whilst also serving a purpose. Grow herbs like basil, chives, or dill easily in your DIY vertical garden, as they need little attention to grow and thrive.

Time to DIY

Creating your vertical garden

Now all you have to do is put all your components together! Whether you choose to go all-out with a used palette, or go for something simpler, like this IKEA planter, make sure you choose something that suits your abilities and garden space.

If you’re not as hands-on, you can buy easy to use vertical garden planters from online stores such as Amazon, or IKEA. These make it easy to create your garden but is still within budget.

Finished Your Vertical Garden? Here’s Some More Handy Guides to Boost Your Garden’s Potential!