When to Plant Spring-flowering Bulbs

spring-flowering bulbs

Many spring-flowering bulbs are considered some of the most well-known blooms in the world. Their beauty knows no bounds, adding some much needed colour to the garden after the long, cold winter months.

If you’re planning a spring display and need to know when to plant your bulbs, then follow this simple guide.

When to Plant Your Spring-flowering Bulbs

spring-flowering tulips and daffodils

Most spring bulbs should be planted in Autumn. Any time between September and November is the most common planting window, allowing the bulb to chill before flowering in the spring.

For early-flowering varieties like daffodils and crocus, try and get them in the ground by the end of September. Mid-season flowering varieties like Tulips can be planted from October to late November.

Our Favourite Spring Varieties

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