When to plant winter bedding plants

Although the weather is getting worse and you’ll want to spend less time outside, winter gardens need love too! Bedding plants can add a great amount of interest and colour to the garden in the colder months, brightening your outside space and lifting up your spirits in the dark days of winter. Most bedding plants only bloom during spring/summer, adding winter bedding allows you to extend the flowering season of your outside space.

When to plant

The best time to plant your winter bedding plants is during September and early October. This is due to the lingering warmth in the soil during this pre-winter timeframe, which prepares your plants to produce more flowers over winter. This time period also helps to give your plants a better chance to grow sturdy roots and flowers, and support faster growth.

When is it too late to plant?

Since the plants use the lingering warmth from September and October, it is best to get the plants into the ground before the first frost. Some of the hardier winter species, like pansies, can be planted late October to November time. The main reason for planting winter bedding earlier is to ensure that the plants have had enough time to develop robust roots. With a strong foundation, firmly cemented in the ground, it makes the plants more likely to survive a harsh winter.

Most popular winter varieties


Pansy Autumn Blaze Mix (Garden Ready)
Pansy Can Can (Garden Ready)


Primrose Scentsation Raspberry Ripple
Primrose Blue Chameleon


Polyanthus Snow White (Maxi Plugs)
Stella Pink Champagne (Maxi Plugs)

Tips to help care for your winter bedding plants

  • Pinch out flower heads that have finished blooming to preserve nutrients. But don’t worry, new buds will appear, producing more flowers that will last for longer.
  • Fertilise your plants after planting, during late autumn and again in spring.
  • It may be winter, and our plants may be sturdy but ensure that they’re facing the sun to help them thrive.
  • Check your plants weekly for any dryness and water as needed.

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Liven Up Winter/Spring Beds with Colourful Primulas

Lift your spirits in the dull days of winter with the bright colours of Primulas. No garden is complete without these cheerful and hardy perennials as they are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and come in every colour imaginable. These easy to grow blooms are perfect any type of garden, whether you need to fill some ground space or adding some wonderful colour to the front of the border.

In this blog post, we will guide you through our favourite Primula varieties, planting tips and aftercare, so that you can grow a rainbow of beautiful Primulas even during those cold, winter months.

Top varieties

Primula Colour Carnival

Packed with vibrant shades, our ‘Colour Carnival’ are an exciting mixture of bi-coloured Primula. Their fragrant blooms are perfect for attracting pollinators to the spring garden. Easy to grow, robust plants for beds and borders.

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Primula Husky Raspberry Punch

Brighten up the winter garden with the bursting brilliant pink hues of Primula ‘Raspberry Punch’. Flowering from January through to April, these cheery flowers will add a kick of colour to borders, pots, or why not plant them en-masse for a real eye-catching feature.

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 Primula Primlet

Producing masses of stunning double and semi-double flowers, these blooms almost resemble a miniature rose in the midst of the winter/spring season. From yellows to violet hues, these hardy perennials are ideal for creating a rainbow in the winter border.

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 Primula Showstopper Lime/Cream

A bright and delicate perennial. Our beautiful new ‘Showstopper’ is a pure delight in the late winter garden when their lime tinted cream flowers are on show. Ideal for the border, beds and containers.

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Primula Wanda

Fill the winter garden with the beautiful fragrance of Primula Wanda. Plant them where you can enjoy their scent, such as in patio containers or the front of the border. Wanda is a beautiful mixture of vibrant, ruffled flowers that are perfect for any garden.

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There are many benefits to growing Primulas:

  • A wide range of colours are available.