The Big Pumpkin Hunt – Announcement!

What a surprise!

To celebrate October, we’ve been hosting a pumpkin hunt! We hid 5 pumpkins in the spring bulbs section of our online shop, and the first person that found all 5 would WIN A £100 VOUCHER! However, our eagle-eyed customers found our 5 pumpkins so quickly, we’re going to finish off the next two weeks of the competition with another round!

Our 1st winner is…🎊🏆

Kira.P. Congratulations on having such lightening fast pumpkin hunting skills! Kira has won our amazing £100 voucher prize to spend in our online shop.

Time for the answer list. The 5 pumpkins we’re hidden on:

  1. Tulip Black Parrot
  2. Daffodil Delibes
  3. Allium Ambassador
  4. Crocus Large Flowering Mixed
  5. Lily abbevilles Pride

Time for Round 2

Since you all did such a great job spotting our pumpkins, we’re upping the difficulty and hiding 10 pumpkins across our WHOLE website. Whoever can spot all 10 new pumpkins will win…


Here’s how to enter:

  • Locate all 10 new pumpkins hidden in product images on our website.
  • Email us at and name the products the pumpkins are displayed on.
  • The 1st person to locate all 10 new pumpkins will be our 2nd round winner.


Keep your eyes peeled, we’ll be posting clues for the pumpkin hunt on our Instagram!

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