The results are in!

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2016 Environmentally Friendly and Wildlife competition results!


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We have been really impressed by the huge variety of ideas to help local wildlife and fantastic environmentally friendly ideas, tips and projects submitted to our competition over the last few months – in fact we had so many great entries that we have decided to issue an extra 10 special runner up prizes along with our six winning entrants.


We’ll be sharing as many of your ideas as we can here over the next few weeks, but today we have the huge pleasure of announcing the winners and sharing their ideas!




Carole Ward – with her entry about the many ways she attracts wildlife to her garden




Steve Bustin – with his entry on keeping chickens


Runner up – Best Environmental Idea

Lee Hines – Environmentally friendly slug traps


Runner up – Best Environmental Idea

Mary Levy – Recycling food waste


Runner up – Best Wildlife Friendly Idea

Caroline Wimble – Wilfdlife friendly slug repelling invention



Runner up – Best Wildlife Friendly Idea

Rebecca Chaudhruri – Hedgehogs


Runners up


Andrew Charles Plantagenet Summers

Catherine Payne-Johnson

Chris Stephens

Irene Smith

Julian Bishop

Laura Ashworth

Marianne Robertson

Mary Cook

Peter Forest

Shelia Shaw


A huge congratulations to all our winners.





We will be sharing lots of the amazing entries we have received over the next few weeks including those from our ten runners-up…. so keep a look out!


10 thoughts on “The results are in!”

  1. Will the Yucca plant in the garden be alright Starting to flower in October November, not quite right, but lots of plants are out of sequence this year including us?

    1. Hi Maureen,
      Thanks for getting in touch,
      Yes it should be fine – its just responding to this years mild weather!

  2. For Caroline from Hereford.

    Oh dear, nice contraption but unfortunately Birds, Hedgehogs and even dogs WILL get your slug pellets. The slugs crawl off to die and are eaten or at least snacked on by all of them.
    You could use your ideas to create a beer trap or even a milk trap. Slugs love both and die happy in them and are then fodder for others.

  3. There are some really good ideas from your winners and runners up. Am going to try out some of these myself. Well done to all.

    1. Hi Mrs Bridge,

      Thanks for getting in touch – if there is a problem with your order or you would like to update your details please email our customers services at [email protected].

  4. I’m rather disappointed to see that 2 of your runner up entries involved killing creatures, even if they are slugs – hardly seems appropriate for helping wildlife and being environmentally friendly! I will not knowingly kill anything in my garden.

    1. Hi Fred – What a great idea!

      I’m afraid it doesn’t look like we have a specific function for that but we will ensure all the tips are gathered together in the same place to make it easy to use as a guide.

      Thanks for getting in touch.

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