Tips for Growing Garden Ready Plants

Last Updated on 23/02/2021 by Amber Williams

Easy to grow and perfect for beginners, garden ready plants are an excellent, value for money way of filling your garden with glorious colour. 

Our Garden-ready plug plants are well-established plants in pots and can be planted straight out into the garden. Before you pick your plants for summer, check out our top tips for getting the absolute best performance out of your garden ready plants.

Tip 1 – Potting Up

Garden ready plants, like smaller plants, can benefit from being grown on for a few weeks in a large pot, for sturdier roots, before planting out in the garden.

Tip 2 – TLC on Arrival

Water your plants so they are just moist. The best way to do this is to place them in a container of water and allow them to soak it up from the roots.

Tip 3 – Time Crunch

If you don’t have time to plant them straight away, stand in a light, warm place and make sure the soil is moist; this will keep them happy and healthy before you plant them out.

Tip 4 – Watering

Water them well 1-2 hours before planting out, and again when in position. Once in the ground, water regularly, especially in dry sunny spells.

Tip 5 – Deadhead

Don’t forget to deadhead any dying flowers as required to ensure further growth spurts.

2 thoughts on “Tips for Growing Garden Ready Plants”

  1. My plants arrived today and I am thrilled and I look forward to growing them which incidentally are datura so thankyou for being so prompt in sending them

  2. I would be grateful if you would tell me if I can buy “in the green” snowdrops and bluebells for planting now to flower next spring or even later this summer.

    Thank you.

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