What to Do in the Garden This February

Posted by Esther Roberts on 17th Jun 2021

What to Do in the Garden This February

With Spring just around the corner, February is the month that puts a bit of pep in our step! The weather will become warmer, the days will get longer, and our gardens will slowly start to come to life.

As you may have guessed, there's lots to get on with in your garden this month. Although it's a bit too early to start planting your summer flowers, your hardy spring bulbs and plants can just about handle the colder weather. Find out what else you can get up to in this months round-up!

Chit Your Potatoes

Is 2021 the year you start to grow your own produce? Potatoes are a great place to start, as they take minimal effort and we all love the end result! February is the month where you start to chit your early potatoes (commonly known as baby or new potatoes). To find out more, read our blog about growing early potatoes here.

Plant Fruit Trees

You can ideally plant your Fruit Trees from November to the end of February. If you're planning on growing your trees this year, then now is the best time to get them in the ground, as they will be in their dormant season. If you need advice on how to grow your fruit trees, read our easy to follow guide.

Prep Your Vegetable Patches

Similar to our potato tip, now is the perfect time to get your vegetable patches ready for sowing and growing throughout spring! There are plenty of veggies to grow in the spring season, such as cucumbers, carrots, and tomatoes.

More Jobs for the February Garden:

  • Plant bulbs in the green for a fantastic show throughout the early spring months
  • Prune winter shrubs that have died back
  • Pot up hardy spring bedding, such as your Primroses, Wallflowers, and Forget Me Not's.
  • Cut down deciduous ornamental grasses if dead
  • Trim ivy and climbers if particularly unruly before birds start to nest.