Your How-To Gardening Questions Answered: Q&A with Big Jeff

We’ve been busy planting some of our favorite varieties in the trial garden this year, with lots of help from our resident expert Jeff Turner.

Over the coming months, we’ll be sharing some of our best tips on planting everything from spring flowering bulbs to winter bedding. Look out for these videos with how-to planting tips and inspiration for your own spring 2019 display, plus you can now pre-order your spring bulbs from our latest range here.

In the meantime, we asked you for your burning questions on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and put them to big Jeff to get his take on your garden queries. Here’s what he had to say about them..

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16 thoughts on “Your How-To Gardening Questions Answered: Q&A with Big Jeff”

  1. i have had some great Alliums this year. now the colour has finished
    can i cut the stems down?

  2. I planted a cleminis it grew well for 1 Mitr then wilted what is the cause of this I did not over water and gave it a recamended food any advice will be welcomed thanks Mike

  3. Hi, I have got a scrumptious apple tree, and the apples are scrumptious. But for the last few years something is eating them, there is not one edible apple left.
    I went to the garden centre and asked for advice, they advised me to put a codling moth trap in the tree and some sticky black stuff for the stem I have done this would you agree with this or do you recommend some other remedy I could try.
    Thank you

    Dot Walmsley

  4. I am after some fruit trees and an apple tree. I loved Sturma apples but they have disappeared do you have anything similar at all ? also I would like to order 4 trees altogether but they are on different offers would I be able to mix and match at all, kind regards Sue

  5. My front border is used as a toilet by numeroud dogs being taken for walks down to the nearby Lakes. With the drought conditions this year, almost all the shrubs & miniature trees have perished, apart from my Yew tree. Are there any dog urine resistant shrubs and bushes with which I can replace them? I have spent a fortune over the years replacing urine scorched shrubs and would like to put an end to this. I don’t blame the dogs but the owners don’t seem to realise or care about the damage they are causing by allowing their dogs to use my garden as a toilet. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I plan to dig everything up this autumn and replace as much soil as possible to let me start afresh next spring.

  6. My healthy pieris (in a pot) of about 10years has burnt in the sun. If I very hard prune it will it grow back?

  7. I didn’t plant lilium Indus bulbs which I bought this year. Can I plant them now for next year

  8. Could you please tell me what hedging plant would compliment a hawthorn hedge if planting alternatively with the hawthorn.

  9. Hi Jeff.
    I have a iron bathtub as a planter in my front garden.
    I planted it up with geraniums and big daisies. They are going over now. I need ideas for planting for autumn and winter. and what do I do with the geraniums and daisy plants I take out. can they be saved for next year?

  10. Could you please tell me when you will be getting Alstromeria indian summer and summer party plants in thank you.

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