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This brand new Potted Strawberry Collection provides you with a brilliant choice between three of our most popular strawberry crops. The tasty fruit produced from these beauties is great for eating fresh or for cooking with to make jams and desserts. Best results come from planting in sunny areas of the garden where they will flourish wherever they're planted. This collection includes 1 each of the Strawberry Cambridge Favourite, Florence, and Honeoye.

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Take some precaution to deter slugs as they will love to attack your strawberry plants (for example use slug pellets). They will continue to provide fruit for two to three years following planting. Late autumn and spring planted bare rooted specimens are better with blooms removed in May to build strength for future seasons heavy crops.Strawberries require planting in rich soil and in a sunny position, planting in rows. Plant at approx 45cm apart, leaving 60cm between each row. If planting in containers plant five-six plants in each pot and water daily during the growing season.

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