Grow Your Own Fruit/veg

  • Dwarf Patio Apples

    Jeff shows us how to plant these fruit trees into pots for a great addition to the patio and a source of your very own fresh grown fruit.
  • Strawberries

    In this how to video, Jeff offers tips and advice on how to plant Strawberries in a raised bed for easy to grow at home fruit.
  • Blueberry Bushes

    Jeff demonstrates how to plant Blueberries in a raised border in this tutorial video for fantastic home grown fruit.
  • Apple Trees

    How to plant Apple trees to grow your own fruit in the garden. Jeff shares his advice on growing successful fruit trees in this easy to follow how-to video.
  • Rhubarb

    Jeff plants Rhubarb in a patio grow bag for an easy how-to guide to planting this classic allotment and garden favourite.
  • Cherry Trees

    Jeff demonstrates planting cherry trees in the garden in this how-to plant fruit trees advice video guide.
  • Currants

    Jeff’s helpful video how-to guide to planting Currants in a raised border will help you grow these great fruits at home!
  • Gooseberry Bushes

    In this how to plant Gooseberry guides, Jeff offers great tips and advice for growing this excellent fruit yourself.
  • Plum Trees

    Great video for anyone considering growing their own Plums. Jeff has great advice for planting our easily manageable varieties.
  • Raspberries

    Jeff demonstrates how to plant our Raspberry canes in a fruit bed with great advice in this fruit planting guide.
  • Cranberry Bushes

    Jeff walks us through how to plant Cranberry bushes in a border in this how to plant fruit video guide.
  • Potatoes

    In this easy to follow video planting guide, Jeff demonstrates how to grow your own potatoes in a grow bag.