In this video planting guide, Jeff demonstrates how to plant loose rooted Agapanthus into pots for a summer display.

Agapanthus grow many stems once established with large heads which bloom full of trumpet shaped flowers in bold colours. Their flowers are very showy and are sometimes referred to as African Lilies for their shape and South African origin. No garden, regardless of size, should be without these hardy perennial plants and they will look great in borders or as a patio display grown in containers. Their terrific vivid colours and interesting looks make them great for flower arranging, and they will work well as cut flowers.

Despite all the benefits of this plant, they are low maintenance and not difficult to grow, with some tips from Jeff. This video is an easy guide to achieving a terrific display throughout the summer months with Agapanthus. Below are some great varieties we have on offer, with blue, white and near black shades for you to choose from..