Dicentra (Bleeding Heart)

In this great how-to advice video, Jeff Turner demonstrates how to plant Dicentra, also known as bleeding heart, into pots.

Dicentra is a great naturalising non-invasive clump forming perennial with distinctive heart shaped flowers on arched stems in late spring/summer and attractive foliage. The many dangling dainty flowers in striking bright colours are delightful when they flower in late spring to summer. Their common name bleeding heart comes from the unique heart shape of the little flowers which dangle prettily from attractively curved stems.

These are truly beautiful, graceful plants which will grow well in most gardens and can even be grown in containers. They are a must and our varieties below offer a great selection of vibrant colours. Choose from stunning bright flowers, long flowering times, compact varieties and eye catching displays with fern like foliage. Our range offers something to suit all needs with Dicentra.