Lily Of The Valley

Jeff offers great tips on how to get the most out of these great perennials in this easy to follow how-to guide.

Lily of the Valley or Convallaria Majalis is a highly fragrant, multiplying perennial with arching stems of small, white, bell shaped flowers and elliptic leaves. This plant grows to around 15cm in height and is perfect for interesting ground cover in spring as well as a potted patio display, as demonstrated by Jeff in this video guide. You can even use these great plants for an indoor pot display in autumn by gently forcing early flowering.

In our varieties below not only do we offer the traditional Lily of the Valley, but also the giant variety. This is twice the height, reaching up to 30cm with around 15 flowers per stem. The same advice applies for planting this, but bear in mind the size when choosing location as this plant won’t serve the same ground cover purpose as its smaller relative.